hey guys,

my names evie. i live in the uk.

have you seen the new season of wolfblood i mean it's great and all that but it is going off the plot a bit, i mean why is it that a packs eader doesn't have controll and why would they turn to a wolfblood when they are so sceared of humanity ad tame wolfs and if they have the feeling that something is going to go wrong, and what is it will episode 8 i mean wtf why would a wolf just passout after laughing and why is it that soem crazy lady who wanted to prove that werewolfs are real, who also kidnaps one of them and chases the oher 3 away to canada help them and revive i mean why, whats the point and then why would you then keep that person even though she is crazy and then give her a job at some place were wolfbloods and humans can work together but less the 1 percent of them know they are workign with wolfbloods. and then why would you go and ad in a farther that has left his family behind what why would you come back and why would you then use your own flesh and blood to get away i mean the hell is wrong with him.

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