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I am the new Bureaucrat Administrator on this wiki site as of February 2020.

If anyone has an questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me on my Message Wall. I'll try to get back to you ASAP. I'm always happy to help out fellow Sanctuary lovers like myself.

My Story

I've been hooked as a fan of Sanctuary ever since I caught the mid-season winter finale of Season 3, Episode 3x10 - "The Hollow Men". That is also around the same time that I began perusing this wiki as well.

I had known about Sanctuary since it first aired on Syfy back in 2008. I frequently saw the previews for it on the channel, specifically catching the ending of Episode 2x02 - "End of Nights, Part II" and the last half of Episode 2x10 - "Sleepers". For getting into the series, I just hadn't actually gotten around to watching it yet until the end of 2010 simply due to not having enough time to dedicate myself to invest into another show.

At the time, I was watching too many other TV shows simultaneously. There was a real boom in interesting TV at the time. From around 2008 through 2010 I had been watching literally 7-10 other shows that were also concurrently airing. My DVR was REALLY busy then! I even had drop some shows due to recording schedule conflicts; having to resort to streaming them months/years later on Netflix.

I can't remember exactly how I came to sit and watch the episode, probably just flipping through channels and something in it looked interesting, catching my eye. After that, I was hooked and binged watched all the rest of the show while I waited for the show to return to air the second half of the season. I'm truly grateful that I gave Sanctuary a chance, as it's become my top favorite of my all-time favorite TV shows. It's always stuck with me ever since then.

For some personal background about me: I am a 2009 High School graduate. In college, at the end of the 2011 Fall Semester I earned my A.A. Degree and at the end of the 2014 Fall Semester I graduated college; earning my B.S. Degree in Biology under the Biomedical Sciences Program.

My Favorite Pages

My Favorite Scenes / Quotes

This is just some of the stuff that I liked from every episode. I obviously can't put everything, but this is a good reduced selection of material.

Web Series

 ●   Episode   0x01   " Webisode 1 "

 ●   Episode   0x02   " Webisode 2 "

 ●   Episode   0x03   " Webisode 3 "

 ●   Episode   0x04   " Webisode 4 "

 ●   Episode   0x05   " Webisode 5 "

 ●   Episode   0x06   " Webisode 6 "

 ●   Episode   0x07   " Webisode 7 "

 ●   Episode   0x08   " Webisode 8 "

Season 1

 ●   Episode   1x01   " Sanctuary for All, Part I "

  • I absolutely love the entire scene of Ashley, Will, and Helen in the infirmary as Helen stitches Ashley's shoulder.
 ●   Episode   1x02   " Sanctuary for All, Part II "

  • I like the scene where Helen catches Ashley in the infirmary as she tends to the cut on her face.
 ●   Episode   1x03   " Fata Morgana "

ASHLEY: Okay, I know this was not on the brochure!
ASHLEY: All good, Mom. The city is now minus one ugly, poodle-eating chameleon guy.
HELEN: Are you hurt?
ASHLEY: No, not a scratch.
HELEN: I'll redo your bandages when you get home.
ASHLEY: Shoot 'em!
WILL: I can't!
WILL: Well... That never gets old.
ASHLEY: You left the safety on.
WILL: Yeah, I'm going to play to my strengths. You... You shoot people.
ASHLEY: Okay. Follow me.
 ●   Episode   1x04   " Folding Man "

WILL: So, who would know about this high level of trafficking?
HELEN: What about our high-flying friend Mr. Jones?
ASHLEY: Worth a try.
WILL: You're going to trust an addict as an informant?
ASHLEY: Of course not. He's a crime boss, controls most of the city's drug traffic.
BIGFOOT: How does a flying abnormal fall to his death?
ASHLEY: Somebody literally clipped his wings.
 ●   Episode   1x05   " Kush "

HELEN: Oh, please tell me that that is tea.
WILL: Gods are on vacation. It's coffee.
WILL: - Here.
HELEN: - Pass.
WILL: Come on, it'll help you keep warm.
HELEN: I have standards, Will. Drinking coffee? Well below them.
WILL: Man, you are a Brit to the core, aren't you?
HELEN: And proud of it.
WILL: So, uh, taking stock of things. We don't have a lot of food left, maybe a day or so, and the heater fuel is not going to last much longer either.
HELEN: Alright. We'll ration everything very carefully. This could be home for a long while.
WILL: Yeah, well, you never know. This place, a little redecorating... Probably still feel like a doomed hellhole.
HELEN: Is that your way of saying any port in the storm?
WILL: No, it's my way of coping with the fact that this is the world's worst cup of coffee.
HELEN: Rule Britannia.
 ●   Episode   1x06   " Nubbins "

  • I like a lot of this episode. I really like the scene after this quote where Helen is tending the Henry after the bite and reprimands Ashley for letting the nubbin loose.
HENRY: Your mother was a sewer rat!
 ●   Episode   1x07   " The Five "

ASHLEY: He's my father, isn't he?
HELEN: Yes... he is. I've never shown you Rome, have I?
ASHLEY: There was never time.
HELEN: I have a lot to make up for. Shall we?
 ●   Episode   1x08   " Edward "

 ●   Episode   1x09   " Requiem "

 ●   Episode   1x10   " Warriors "

 ●   Episode   1x11   " Instinct "

 ●   Episode   1x12   " Revelations, Part I "

 ●   Episode   1x13   " Revelations, Part II "

Season 2

 ●   Episode   2x01   " End of Nights, Part I "

 ●   Episode   2x02   " End of Nights, Part II "

 ●   Episode   2x03   " Eulogy "

 ●   Episode   2x04   " Hero "

 ●   Episode   2x05   " Pavor Nocturnus "

 ●   Episode   2x06   " Fragments "

 ●   Episode   2x07   " Veritas "

 ●   Episode   2x08   " Next Tuesday "

 ●   Episode   2x09   " Penance "

 ●   Episode   2x10   " Sleepers "

 ●   Episode   2x11   " Haunted "

 ●   Episode   2x12   " Kali, Part I "

 ●   Episode   2x13   " Kali, Part II "

Season 3

 ●   Episode   3x01   " Kali, Part III "

 ●   Episode   3x02   " Firewall "

 ●   Episode   3x03   " Bank Job "

 ●   Episode   3x04   " Trail of Blood "

 ●   Episode   3x05   " Hero II: Broken Arrow "

 ●   Episode   3x06   " Animus "

 ●   Episode   3x07   " Breach "

 ●   Episode   3x08   " For King and Country "

 ●   Episode   3x09   " Vigilante "

 ●   Episode   3x10   " The Hollow Men "

 ●   Episode   3x11   " Pax Romana "

 ●   Episode   3x12   " Hangover "

 ●   Episode   3x13   " One Night "

 ●   Episode   3x14   " Metamorphosis "

 ●   Episode   3x15   " Wingman "

 ●   Episode   3x16   " Awakening "

 ●   Episode   3x17   " Normandy "

 ●   Episode   3x18   " Carentan "

 ●   Episode   3x19   " Out of the Blue "

 ●   Episode   3x20   " Into the Black "

Season 4

 ●   Episode   4x01   " Tempus "

 ●   Episode   4x02   " Uprising "

 ●   Episode   4x03   " Untouchable "

 ●   Episode   4x04   " Monsoon "

 ●   Episode   4x05   " Resistance "

 ●   Episode   4x06   " Homecoming "

 ●   Episode   4x07   " Icebreaker "

 ●   Episode   4x08   " Fugue "

 ●   Episode   4x09   " Chimera "

 ●   Episode   4x10   " Acolyte "

 ●   Episode   4x11   " The Depths "

 ●   Episode   4x12   " Sanctuary for None, Part I "

 ●   Episode   4x13   " Sanctuary for None, Part II "

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