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An Unnamed Herusan was among the Herusans and other Abnormals who made it to the surface after Praxis was destroyed and put in a concentration camp.

He was first seen when he and two other Herusans in the camp insulted Kate Freelander right in front of Garris, prompting a fight between the two which was broken up. He took Thelo's side and became one of his followers after it appeared Fallon was killed by Will Zimmerman. He and the other Herusans later hold two members of the Sanctuary Team hostage. when the lotus defense corps sent in their men into the camp in an effort he participated in the battle between the the lotus defense corps and the refuges the refuges won and after the battle most likely like the other refuges after learning thelo was killed he grew confused but in the end accepted garris as the new leader[1]

Notes And ReferencesEdit

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