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Underground Sanctuary

The Underground Sanctuary

The Underground Sanctuary is the newest and main branch of the Sanctuary Network, hidden at an undisclosed location beneath the surface of the Earth. It is the largest and most modern Sanctuary ever built, and is believed to hold enclosures for all of the Abnormals currently under the protection of the Sanctuary Network as well as having more than enough occupancy space remaining for the inclusion of many more future residents across the world that will be found and given sanctuary.


After she traveled back through time, Dr. Helen Magnus realized that her concept for the Network would not work into the 21st century, so she made preparations to change its nature when she resurfaced from her self-imposed exile in early-2011.

When the Old City Sanctuary was destroyed a year later in early-2012, the new underground headquarters was already up and running. Dr. Magnus revealed its existence to Dr. Will Zimmerman sometime later (at some point within the week following his quitting from SCIU).[1]


Current known residents living in this Sanctuary are all of the Abnormals from the Old City Sanctuary as well as all of the Abnormals from the 12 Sanctuaries Dr. Magnus had closed in 8 months between mid-2011 and early-2012; of those, specifically: Brisbane, Cape Town, Dallas, and Tokyo.

A special individual residing at this Sanctuary is Helen's daughter Ashley Magnus.[2] During Dr. Magnus' time in the past, Helen had interfered with the EM Shield to let Ashley pass through the barrier; redirecting her energy signature to land at this location for her to rematerialize. Based on the fact that Ashley hasn't been seen topside by the Sanctuary Network since the Cabal Super Abnormal attacks in early-2009, it means that she may have been living down here exclusively for the past 3 years.

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • This was to be the primary location of the events seen in Season 5.
  • Given that the Underground Sanctuary obviously uses variations of Praxian technology, it is widely speculated that Dr. Magnus collaborated with the Praxians during her second trip through the 20th century; potentially even saving some of the city's population (namely, her father Gregory Magnus) before Worth destroyed it.
  • A deleted scene in Season 4 titled: Scene 71 "New York, 1901", shows Nikola Tesla accusing Helen of hiding secrets. He recalls that in the early 20th century she (or rather her hidden self) had him aid in the controlled usage of nitroglycerin (dynamite) to try and find a supposed 'useless' Abnormal multi-headed shark in a Peruvian deep water cave - a cave that he now knows from researching the Praxian database to lead to an arterial pathway that provides direct access to Hollow Earth. This could be the real location of the Underground Sanctuary, plugged into the Praxian transport system.
    • This can be supported by the fact that in 1956 a 'Helen Bancroft' had established the 'Great South American Mining Corporation' in Bolivia.
  • Alternatively, based on Abby Corrigan's research of a 'Helen Bancroft' opening a provisions store in Coober Pedy in 1964, the location of the new Sanctuary may be in the Outback of South Australia. This area is famous for mining, copious excavation, and extensive underground living complexes of residents.

Building Structure

Judging from what viewers can see of this Sanctuary's external design, Helen had definitely incorporated the style of using rock as a living space for the residential quarters. A style she had picked up from Coober Pedy.

On the far rock wall in the background, the stone is heavily striated throughout with several glass-walled balconies and at least two exterior glass elevator shafts. The overhangs suggest that the majority of the rooms' actual living space is further inside the rock wall itself, with each level interconnected with many unseen internal corridors and stairwells. Several connecting windowless rooms may undoubtedly exist inside the rock as well, expanding the the total volume of the staff facility to be far bigger than what's only in view.

There appears to be a connecting observation bridge from one side of the facility to the other that spans over the waterfall.

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  2. Please read the Season 5 page for specific details and backing references. Her being alive is fact as well as being at this Sanctuary; only the 'how' mentioned here is conjecture as it is based on details seen in Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy".
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