Tokyo Sanctuary

The original Tokyo Sanctuary

The Tokyo Sanctuary was the main branch of the Sanctuary Network in Tokyo, Japan.

History Edit

It was the first Sanctuary in the Network to be attacked by the Cabal's super soldiers during their campaign. The Sanctuary fell in less than twenty minutes, resulting in the death of its house head, who chose not to evacuate with the rest of the personnel and movable residents.[1] Tokyo was declared a total loss and its residents had to be transferred to other Sanctuaries.[2]

Several months later the rebuilt Tokyo Sanctuary had to deal with the escape of Suki when she was severely agitated by a wave sent out by Big Bertha.[3]

The Tokyo Sanctuary was permanently closed down in 2011, shortly before Helen Magnus revealed the existence of the Underground Sanctuary to Will Zimmerman.[4]

Residents Edit

Sanctuary team Edit

Patients Edit

Notes and References Edit

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