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This is a timeline of events both seen and mentioned within the world of Sanctuary. Real world historical facts are included based on their relevance in the show.

Note: "~" denotes generalizations, where the event is estimated by various factors to most likely fall sometime within that timeframe or very close nearby to then, etc..

~ 11,200 B.C. - ~ 6000 B.C.[1] The Hollow Earth city of Praxis is founded. 3x11
700 A.D. The Cabalis Nocturnum is founded. 1x03
800 A.D. Events of:
● Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana" (Flashback).
1829 Gregory Magnus is born in Devonshire, England. 1x10
18th February 1836 or 21st August 1836 Patricia Heathering is born. 1x13
1848 / 1849 James Watson is born. 1x12
Gregory marries Patricia. 1x10
Late November / Early December 1849 [2] Gregory (age ~20) and Patricia (age 13) conceive a child together. 1x13
27th August 1850 Helen Magnus is born to Patricia (age 14) and Gregory (age 20/21). Sanctuary Fact
10th July 1856 Nikola Tesla is born. Historical Fact
15th August 1857 Montague John Druitt is born. Historical Fact
~ 1865 / 1866 Events of:
● Episode 0x05 - "Webisode 5" (Flashback).
  • Helen (age ~15) overhears a conversation between Gregory (age ~36/37) and two other colleagues.
    • Patricia is assumed to have died at some point before now.
~ 1875 / 1876 Events of:
● Episode 0x06 - "Webisode 6" (Flashback).
  • Helen (age ~25) is introduced to the hidden world of abnormals when Gregory (age ~46/47) finally reveals to her his unorthodox private research located within in the basement of their London home.
27th August 1876 Gregory (age 46/47) gives Helen an ornate crystal paperweight (a Praxian Holomap Device) for her 26th birthday. Sanctuary Fact
27th August 1884 Gregory (age 54/55) gives Helen a rare first edition book of Michelangelo's architectural designs (inside containing a folded paper map of Praxis) for her 34th birthday. Sanctuary Fact
Spring of 1886 Events of:
● Episode 1x07 - "The Five" (Flashback).
    • The Five inject themselves with a Source Blood-based serum, and each of them unlock special powers and abilities that had lain dormant in their DNA.
    • Magnus gains longevity, forever keeping her the physical age of 35-years-old.
Druitt gets sick from an undisclosed illness. Magnus treats Druitt's morbid disease with her blood; curing him and granting him her longevity. 0x04
Events of:
● Episode 0x03 - "Webisode 3" (Flashback).
  • Magnus and Druitt get engaged.
During one of Druitt's teleportation "jumps", he fuses with an abnormal; a powerful noncorporeal Energy Creature that feeds on chaos and destruction. 2x11
1888 10 years prior to his daughter's death in 1898, Adam Worth "accidentally" burns down a laboratory. 4x01
Late August 1888 - Early November 1888 Driven mad by the Energy Creature inside him, Druitt (age 31) murders seven London prostitutes, becoming "Jack the Ripper".
  • In between that time, Magnus (age 38) and Druitt conceive a child together in / around the end of September / beginning of October.
Historical Fact
November 1888 Events of:
● Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II" (Flashback).
  • Jack the Ripper murders his last prostitute; his eighth victim named Molly.
    • Magnus and Druitt's engagement ends: Magnus grazes Druitt's cheek with a bullet; giving him his facial scar.
    • Magnus (age 38) removes and cryogenically freezes the embryo she is carrying.
Historical Fact
1898 Events of:
● Episode 4x01 - "Tempus".
1898 Events of:
● Episode 3x08 - "For King and Country" (Flashback).
  • ^ 2 months after Gregory's shipment, Worth asks Magnus (age 47) and Watson (age ~49) to save his daughter's life; they try their best to cure her, but fail, and Imogene dies from a rare form of Leukemia; her death mentally breaks Worth, turning him into "Jekyll and Hyde".
Early 1900s Gregory (age ~70<) travels to America, bringing back with him "Spirituals" that he used to sing to Helen. 4x08 Deleted Scene #27 "Queen of Analogue"
~1907 [3] Events of:
● Episode 1x10 - "Warriors" (Flashback).
  • 2 years prior to his disappearance to Mecca, Gregory (age ~77/78) creates a new deadly abnormal species that kills every living creature in his laboratory; He then put his creation down and destroyed all trace of it.
1908 Events of:
● Episode 3x08 - "For King and Country" (Flashback).
1909 Gregory (age 79/80) mounts an expedition to a desert high in the Bolivian Andes looking for a fabled feathered serpent; He returns as sole-survivor. 4x11
1909< [4] Gregory disappears on his trip to Mecca. 1x10
Gregory (age ~79/80<) travels to Hollow Earth and lives as a respected citizen in Praxis for the next 65-Praxian-years until early -2010. [5] 3x11
10th April 1912 - 15th April 1912 Magnus (age 61) travels to America aboard the Titanic; the ship hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sinks; Magnus is saved by Molly Brown (age 44). Historical Fact
15th April 1912< The Old City Sanctuary is established at some point after Magnus's doomed voyage on the Titanic.[6] Historical Fact
21st February 1916 - 18th December 1916 Battle of Verdun during World War I in France.
  • Magnus (age 65/66) operates on patients in muddy rat-infested trenches.
Historical Fact
4th March 1921 Warren G. Harding (age 55), a shape-shifting abnormal, becomes U.S. President. Historical Fact
October 1922 - March 1923 Magnus (age 72) is photographed with Albert Einstein (age 43) at some point during Albert's 5 month trip to Asia and the Middle East. Historical Fact
Season 1 Title Sequence
1st January 1933 Magnus (age 82) is photographed with Amelia Earhart (age 35) at the National Air Races in Los Angeles. Historical Fact
Season 2 Title Sequence
1935 Worth is apprehended and put into suspended animation prison in Praxis. 3x11
1936 / 1937 Oliver Braithwaite is born. 1x04
1st September 1939 World War II breaks out. Historical Fact
>1940 The Old City Sanctuary is known to have been in operation by the year 1940 based on Oliver Braithwaite stating he's heard of the Sanctuary ever since he was a boy. 1x04
1942 - 7th January 1943 Magnus (age 92) and Tesla (age 86) are in London. Magnus helps him evade major spy agencies that were hunting him due to Tesla giving all Allied governments plans for his death ray machine; she then faked his death in New York. 1x07
Historical Fact
1943 In New York, the female 'White Dove' pigeon Tesla (age 86/87) loves so much "leaves" him. 4x12
19th April 1943 - 16th May 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during World War II.
  • Magnus (age 92) is in Poland in 1943 when the Nazis invade the Warsaw Ghetto; she witnessed them raze it to the ground, resulting in thousands dead and the rest sent to death camps.
Historical Fact
Fall of 1943 Druitt (age 86) knifes Adolf Hitler (age 54) to death in his private opera viewing box during a performance of Tristan and Isolde. The German High Command simply replaces the Fuehrer with a body double and continues the War. 3x17
6th June 1944 Events of:
● Episode 3x17 - "Normandy".
Historical Fact
6th February 1945 Magnus (age 94) is photographed with Mahātmā Ghandi (age 75) in Delhi, India. Historical Fact
Season 3 Title Sequence
7th May 1945 General Jodl (age 54) signs the German instrument of surrender at Reims in the presence of Magnus (age 94). Historical Fact
Winston Churchill (age ~70<) presents Magnus with a bottle of '45 Bordeaux as thanks for her help on D-Day. 2x10
Late 1940s Magnus (age mid-late 90's) tries to bring the existence of abnormals into public awareness. It did not go well as opinions of abnormals are still the same as they were in the Dark Ages. 3x20
1949 Roman Catholic priest Father Nathaniel Jensen arrives at St. Michael's Church located in the Fifth Ward district of Old City. He stays there for another 61 years until his murder in early 2010. 3x04
1951 Events of:
● Episode 3x04 - "Trail of Blood" (Flashback).
  • Bigfoot is shot in Old City's Fifth Ward; he is found by Father Nathaniel Jensen who takes him to the Old City Sanctuary.
    • Magnus (age 100/101) removes the bullets and heals him, afterward he stays with her and becomes a loyal companion for over 50 years; Magnus gives him a position as part of her staff.
    • According to Bigfoot, the elevator he and Kate eventually get stuck in during early 2010 is new at the time he moved in.
1953 Magnus (age 102/103) is with Kurt Gödel (age 46/47) and Albert Einstein (age 73/74) at a Princeton football game discussing the physics of energy and matter. 2x03
1954 Nigel Griffin's daughter, Anna, is born. 1x12
4th October 1957 Events of:
● Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy" (Flashback).
Historical Fact
Early 1960s Nigel Griffin dies. 1x12
25th March 1965 Magnus (age 114) is photographed walking with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (age 36) during the march to the state capitol at Montgomery, Alabama. Historical Fact
Season 4 Title Sequence
1976 Dr. Will Zimmerman is born. 4x06
~1980 [7] Events of:
● Episode 1x08 - "Edward" (Flashback).
  • Magnus finds an orphaned Young Henry Foss (age ~8) wondering around in the Moors somewhere within the British Isles and decides to bring him home with her, placing him in her charge.
November 1983 Magnus (age 133) re-implants the embryo she cryogenically froze back in November 1888. Reference Notes Section
1984 Project Montana is created 'off-book' by the MI6. 2x01
1984 BMM Bank installs new restrooms. 3x03
Summer (Late June / Early July) 1984 Helen Magnus (age 133) gives birth to her and John Druitt's daughter, Ashley. Reference Notes Section
From the time Helen has Ashley in a stroller, Ashley is being called a "heart-breaker", starting with elderly men playing checkers in the park.
In 2008 when Ashley is an adult, the label becomes a duel reference to both her physical beauty and her excellent shooting proficiency.
1985 Events of:
● Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II" (Flashback).
  • Will and his mother Mary Anne Zimmerman are at an unknown campsite prior to his 9th birthday that year.
    • During the night, they are attacked by a Giant Lizard Creature; Mary is killed and Will (age 8) is rescued in the nick of time by Magnus (age 134/135).
    • Magnus captures the creature and puts it in the Old City Sanctuary's SHU.
    • Afterwards, Magnus keeps a watchful eye on Will's life.
24th October 1985 Chad Spencer is born. Sanctuary Fact
1986 Events of:
● Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming" (Flashback).
1986 Events of:
● Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming" (Flashback).
  • On Will's 10th birthday, his father fails to buy him the tickets he wanted for the final game of a sporting event due to Jacob Zimmerman using up all of Mary Anne's death insurance money.
1986 / 1987 After Project Montana had been active for a couple of years, the British Government brings Magnus (age ~135-137) in as a consultant; she recommends the project be shutdown. 2x01
Mid 1987< — <Mid 1988 Magnus (age 136/137) has a photo taken of her holding a young Ashley (age 3). Season 1 and Season 2 Title Sequence
[8] Magnus creates and funds Will's scholarship to Harvard University. 4x06
Mid 1996< — <Mid 1997 Ashley (age 12) breaks her right femur. 2x03
~ 1997 / 1998 Events of:
● Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming" (Flashback).
  • Will (age 21) [9] returns to his childhood home to retrieve a few things from his old bedroom.
  • Jacob Zimmerman decides to get involved in a fraudulent business "opportunity".
1998 Kenneth St. Pierre, the founder of Inverset Incorporated, dies 12 years prior to Magnus and Will's investigation of the company (now being run by his grandson, CEO Virgil St. Pierre) in early 2010. 3x05
2002 The Municipal Sewer System lays new pipe right alongside the east wall of BMM Bank. 3x03
Summer 2002 Magnus (age 151) and Ashley 'bag and tag' a Werewolf den in Romania during the summer of Ashley's 18th birthday. 0x03
2005 Folding Men rob Austin Federal (a bank) located in Texas, stealing $500,000 worth of gold; Will (age 28/29) investigates the case as an FBI agent with his partner Jake Polanski. 1x04
2005 The Cabal track Kanaan through underground tunnels near Kartosuro in Indonesia; Without any seismic warning, Kanaan erupts the stratovolcano named 'Merapi' in Java, vaporizing 400 agents.[10] 3x02
Late 2005 / Early 2006 An Energy Creature gets caught in the Old City Sanctuary's backup generators (about 4 years prior to Druitt's murderous Energy Creature in 2x11). 2x11
2006 Anna Griffin (age 53/54) dies. 1x12
~Early / Mid 2007 Will (age ~30) gets kicked out of the FBI for his unusual perspectives to seemingly straightforward cases.
After an unknown length of unemployment, Will (age 30/31) works as a consultant for the OCPD for 6 months prior to meeting Magnus in January of 2008.
~Mid / Late 2007 Events of:
● Episode 1x10 - "Warriors" (Flashback).
27th August 2007 Helen Magnus turns 157-years-old. Sanctuary Fact
~January 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I".
  • Magnus recruits Will (age 31) to join the Sanctuary.
  • Will comments on the 12 year physical age gap between Magnus (age 157) and Ashley (age 23).
~January 2008 [11] Events of:
● Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II".
  • Direct continuation of 1x01.
  • Magnus reveals to Will that she is 157-years-old.
~January / February 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana".
~January / February 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x04 - "Folding Man".
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x05 - "Kush".
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x06 - "Nubbins".
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x07 - "The Five".
  • Ashley (age 23) tells Druitt (age 150) that Magnus is still 157-years-old, not 158.
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x08 - "Edward".
  • Takes place not long after end of 1x07, maybe a day or two based on Ashley (age 23) and Henry's (age 35/36) behaviors.
  • Will (age 32) has 48 hours to investigate.
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x09 - "Requiem".
  • Takes place possibly a week after 1x07 based on Ashley's still quite behavior.
  • Ashley is stated as being 23-years-old by Will (age 32).
Late June / Early July 2008 Ashley Magnus turns 24-years-old.[12] Reference Notes Section
27th August 2008 Helen Magnus turns 158-years-old at some point during late Season 1 after 1x09 but before 1x12. Sanctuary Fact
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x10 - "Warriors".
  • Helen and Gregory (age 178/179) reunite after being apart just shy of a century.
— 2008 Events of:
● Episode 1x11 - "Instinct".
~Early January 2009 [13] Events of:
● Episode 1x12 - "Revelations, Part I".
~Early January 2009 Events of:
● Episode 1x13 - "Revelations, Part II".
  • Watson (age 160) dies in Bhalasaam.
  • Ashley (age 24) is captured and turned.
~Mid February 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x01 - "End of Nights, Part I".
  • Opens 6 weeks after the end of 1x13.
    • During that time frame, it took an untold amount of weeks to create the Lazarus Virus cure and another untold amount of weeks to disperse it across the globe, stemming the outbreak.
~Mid February 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x02 - "End of Nights, Part II".
~Mid February 2009
  • 2 days after 2x02; 5 days before 2x03, Clara's memorial service is held.
~Mid / Late February 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy".
  • Starts 1 week after 2x02.[14]
  • Magnus (age 158) has barely eaten for the past 6 days.
  • On the 8th day after 2x02, Druitt (age 151) kills Dana Whitcomb in Paris while a memorial service for Ashley is held.
— 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x04 - "Hero".
— 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x05 - "Pavor Nocturnus".
— 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x06 - "Fragments".
— 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x07 - "Veritas".
Summer (Late June) 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x08 - "Next Tuesday".
  • Occurs right before Ashley's 25th birthday this immediate next Tuesday (not more than a few days out).
  • Magnus references herself to Will as being 158-years-old.
27th August 2009 Helen Magnus turns 159-years-old at some point in late Season 2 after 2x08 but before 2x10. Sanctuary Fact
— 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x09 - "Penance".
~December 2009 Events of:
● Episode 2x10 - "Sleepers".
  • Several months prior in the year, a group of Trust Fund babies spend their entire Spring Break week at Tesla's Detox Clinic down in Mexico; where they unknowingly get turned into vampires that should take 30 years minimum to complete their metamorphosis.
  • 2 days after the start of Magnus (age 159) and Will's (age 33) duel investigation of a deadly abnormal attack and Chad Spencer's (age 24) fatal car accident, Chad shows up alive at a parking lot garage in New City where he kills and abducts Darrin Wilson.
  • Darrin is reported missing by his family 2 days prior to Magnus and Will watching the security footage of his murder.
~Early 2010 [15] Events of:
● Episode 2x11 - "Haunted".
~January 2010 Events of:
● Episode 2x12 - "Kali, Part I".
~January 2010 Events of:
● Episode 2x13 - "Kali, Part II".
  • Starts immediately after 2x12; between episodes Will (age 33) is transported back to the Mumbai Sanctuary.
~January 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x01 - "Kali, Part III".
  • Starts immediately after 2x13 following the tidal wave.[16]
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x02 - "Firewall".
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x03 - "Bank Job".
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x04 - "Trail of Blood".
  • Tesla (age 153) was trapped in the cave for 9 days and 7 hours prior to Magnus rescuing him.
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x05 - "Hero II: Broken Arrow".
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x06 - "Animus".
  • At the start of the episode, Magnus (age 159) and Tesla (age 153) are on their 6th day of trying to crack the Holomap.
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x07 - "Breach".
  • Occurs several unknown amount of weeks after 3x01.
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x08 - "For King and Country".
  • Starts immediately after 3x07; between episodes Worth is transported back to the Old City Sanctuary.
  • Magnus declares she's 159-years-old to Will.
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x09 - "Vigilante".
  • Starts immediately after 3x08; between episodes Will (age 33) decides to show Worth the Holomap.
~Early 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x10 - "The Hollow Men".
  • Starts the next morning at first light several untold amount of hours after the night end of 3x09.
~ April 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x11 - "Pax Romana".
  • Starts immediately after 3x10; between episodes Ranna Seneschal walks to her chamber as Magnus (age 159) is revived by Fallon.
  • Will (age 33) mentions that Worth was resurrected a few months ago with Ranna's secret un-deading device.
— 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x12 - "Hangover".
— 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x13 - "One Night".
— 2010 [17] Events of:
● Episode 3x14 - "Metamorphosis".
  • Will (age 33) mutates into a Cillobar after contracting a spore while previously down in Hollow Earth back in 3x10.
  • Viable spores can survive outside a host for up to 6 months.
— 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x15 - "Wingman".
— 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x16 - "Awakening".
27th August 2010 Helen Magnus turns 160-years-old at some point during Season 3.5 before 3x18.[18] Sanctuary Fact
8th October 2010 Events of:
● Episode 3x18 - "Carentan".
~Early 2011 Praxis is destroyed by Worth; Gregory (age 181/182) potentially dies. 3x20
~Early 2011 Events of:
● Episode 3x19 - "Out of the Blue".
~January 2011 Events of:
● Episode 3x20 - "Into the Black".
  • An unknown amount of months has passed since 3x11.
  • Potentially the start of the next day or two after the end of 3x19, the Hollow Earth Invasion occurs.
  • Magnus (age 160) follows Worth back in time to 1898 London.
  • Druitt (age 153) potentially dies.
1898 Events of:
● Episode 4x01 - "Tempus".
  • Magnus (age 160) arrives in London 1898. The timeline is ultimately kept 'intact', just slightly altered by way of the change in Imogene's death (Occurring 2 months early by sudden blunt force trauma instead of slowly suffering from Leukemia in a hospital bed). Future-Worth is killed by Future-Magnus.
1901 Future-Magnus (age 163/164) convinces Tesla in New York to provide her with information on the controlled usage of nitroglycerin for the exploration of a Peruvian deep-water cave that's supposed to contain a multi-headed shark. 4x13 Deleted Scene #71 "New York, 1901"
1902 Future-Magnus (age 164/165) wines and dines Tesla at a hotel in Miraflores, Peru. 4x13 Deleted Scene #71 "New York, 1901"
1916 By 1916, Helen Bancroft (age 178/179) had:
  • Graduated from the University of London with a Doctor in Science degree in Medical Science; becoming a visiting professor there.
  • Gained a PhD in Global Health from the University of Lahore in Pakistan; becoming the professor of Global Health at Lahore, its Executive Director of Health Science, and their Director of Medical Fellowship.
  • Became an honorary professor at the University of Queensland in Australia.
1921 Helen Bancroft (age 183/184) is invited by Viscount Haldane to be a guest at a private symposium that he hosted for Albert Einstein in London. 4x13
1948 Helen Bancroft (age 210) taught a Summer Semester Fellowship course at Black Mountain College in North Carolina in order to share an office with Buckminster Fuller. 4x13
1956 Helen Bancroft (age 218/219) establishes the 'Great South American Mining Corporation' in Bolivia. 4x13
1964 Helen Bancroft (age 226/227) opens an unnamed Provisions Store in Coober Pedy, Australia. 4x13
~Mid February 2009 Future-Magnus (age 271) interferes with the Old City Sanctuary's EM Shield at 18:29 hours during the Cabal Super Abnormal attack to save her daughter, Ashley. 2x03
Season 5
~January 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x02 - "Uprising".
  • An untold amount of hours after leaving the Sanctuary in 3x20 during the day, Magnus is found later that night by Will and Abby Corrigan to have mysteriously returned unnoticed to the Old City Sanctuary; hiding out in her bedroom, now 113-years-older (age 273) drinking tea and monitoring the situation of the Hollow Earth Invasion on her computer.
~Early 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x03 - "Untouchable".
~May 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x04 - "Monsoon".
  • Occurs 4 months after 4x02 based on the episode being when Magnus (age 273) first meets Richard Feliz.
4x13 [19]
— 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x05 - "Resistance".
— 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming".
  • Will Zimmerman celebrates his 35th birthday.[20]
— 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x07 - "Icebreaker".
~July 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x08 - "Fugue".
  • Occurs two months after 4x03 based on how long Gavin has known about the existence of abnormals.
4x08 Deleted Scene #31 "Trust Your Instincts"
— 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x09 - "Chimera".
— 2011 Events of:
● Episode 4x10 - "Acolyte".
  • Occurs several unknown amount of months after 4x03.
27th August 2011 Helen Magnus turns 274-years-old at some point in Season 4 before 4x11. Sanctuary Fact
4x13 Deleted Scene #61 "113 Years of Seclusion"
~Late 2011 / Early 2012 [21] Events of:
● Episode 4x11 - "The Depths".
~January 2012 Events of:
● Episode 4x12 - "Sanctuary for None, Part I".
  • Occurs at least 8 months after 4x03 based on the last 4 Sanctuaries being closed as part of Maneuver Delta Epsilon as stated in 4x13.
  • According to Capt. Franklin, Will started working for Magnus 4 years ago (in early 2008).
~January 2012 Events of:
● Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary for None, Part II".
4x13 Deleted Scene #61 "113 Years of Seclusion"
— 2012 Events of:
● Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary for None, Part II" (Continued).
  • In the week following after Will (age 35) quits working for SCIU, Magnus (age 274) invites him down to the new Underground Sanctuary.
~September 2012 / October 2012 Alice Foss-Myers is born. 4x03

Reference Notes

  1. Visit Praxis' Notes Section for explanation.
  2. Date found by using a Conception Calculator; Helen's birthday was input as her due date.
  3. The year of 1907 is conjecture based on Gregory's last known whereabouts mentioned in 4x11.
  4. Being that the last known whereabouts of Gregory is said to be his trip to Bolivia in 1909, it means that he had disappeared from Helen's life sometime later in 1909 or afterward.
  5. The 1 to 1.5 years worth of regular solar time spent on the surface with the Cabal between 2007 and 2008 is obviously not counted towards this.
  6. Also based off of Ashley's comment in 1x07 about Druitt being "someone from her days back in London before she set up shop here".
  7. Speculation: The show seems to adopt the actors' ages for their characters to a certain extent, in particular their year of birth. Only in the case of Helen Magnus is a similar birth day used rather than the year. Based on Ryan Robbins who plays Henry being born in 1972, and estimating that Young Henry was around age 8-years-old when Magnus found him, this potentially places the year as being roughly 1980.
  8. As most high school graduates are 18 / 19-years-old when they enter college as a Freshman, this potentially occurs in the year 1994 / 1995 depending on when Will's birthday is and the school system's cut-off date. In the U.S., children must be age 5-years-old before September 1st to enter Kindergarten.
  9. Lunch with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne. Minute mark: 6:39 - 6:53. According to Robin Dunne, his character was 21-years-old when he was wearing the "flock of seagulls" wig.
  10. Please reference the Notes Section of this episode. There are conflicting differences about this location as seen in the Sanctuary universe vs real life.
  11. In 4x12 Capt. Franklin states that Will left the OCPD to work for the Sanctuary Network 4 years ago. Due to the Season 4 finale taking place in January / February 2012, it places the premiere Episode 1x00 - "Sanctuary for All" in that same time frame of year in 2008.
  12. Even though Magnus is last stated as being 157-years-old in 1x07, due to knowing that Ashley's birthday occurs roughly 2 months before Helen's and based on Ashley still being 23-years-old by 1x09, it means that neither of the characters has celebrated their 2008 birthdays yet as of 1x09.
  13. Timeline Dates for 1x12 through 2x03 placing event occurrence in January / February 2009 is conjecture based on "Revelations" U.S. air dates starting in early January 2009. All 3 subsequent season finales are placed within this time of year to keep chronological continuity. Also, being that a season of TV is considered to span the length of a year, this matches up with Sanctuary for All being a year ago in January / February 2008 based on 4x12 being 4 years later from it in early 2012.
  14. Based on the length of time that Sanctuary work crews are said to have been inside the Old City Sanctuary rebuilding.
  15. Speculation: Based on Druitt's comment of "It seems business is never finished with us despite our losses" and the tone in which it's said, this may mark 1 year since Ashley's abduction / 'death', placing the episode in roughly early January to mid February of 2010.
  16. For the cut off scene in the Avatar Chamber near the end of 3x01, we learn in 3x02 that Gregory (age 180/181) accesses the Avatar Chamber in Praxis to have Will relay a message to Magnus. In 3x11 we learn that because he broke their most sacred laws in order to do so, it results in him then disappearing at that moment from Praxis to go into hiding as a fugitive from Senate Authorities for the next several untold amount of weeks until Magnus arrives to treat Kanaan.
  17. Based on the viability of Cillobar spores, 3x14 can potentially occur up to 6 months after 3x10.
  18. Speculation: Her birthday most likely took place after 3x16 as 3x17 occurs in the month of June, just 66 years earlier in 1944 rather than in 2010.
  19. Will states that Magnus closed 12 Sanctuaries over the last 8 months. The closures are supposedly connected to Magnus's work with Feliz based on Maneuver Delta Epsilon in 4x12; the 4 recent closures discussed in this exact scene in 4x13.
  20. This is a continuity error as his birthday actually occurs in the months of late September / early October.
  21. Speculation: Based on Henry (age ~39) building his FOSSS jacket, this episode potentially occurs maybe about a week to a month prior to Sanctuary for None, placing it roughly in December 2011 or January 2012 if Sanctuary for None happened in January or February of 2012.