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Clockwise: Helen Magnus, John Druitt, Nikola Tesla, James Watson, Nigel Griffin

The Five were a group of 19th century scientists and paranormal researchers studying abnormals, who came together at the University of Oxford during the Late Victorian Era. They formed a small group comprised of individuals who were dedicated to expanding their knowledge of the physical world, by the most unconventional means. Together, what they did was more than just pushing boundaries.


Blood Experiment

Their shared curiosity of the unknown drove the members of the Five to investigate the claim that the blood of Sanguine vampiris supposedly possessed miraculous properties. One of the members, Dr. Helen Magnus, was able to procure an ancient, untainted sample of this blood. This sample was collected from a time before the species were sterilized and all but exterminated by the Roman Catholic Church centuries prior.

While each member were so curious to know what humans could become, evolve into, given the chance, no one however dared to inject themselves with a pure sample of Sanguine vampiris. Instead, they worked together on an experiment designed by Magnus to derive a safer yet still powerful [1] serum from it. During the creation of the serum, The Five almost became 'The Six' with the potential addition of another brilliant, yet somewhat noticeably twisted, scientist name Adam Worth. His admission however was rejected as Tesla and Magnus both believed that they didn't need another member; a decision that wasn't contested by Druitt, Watson, or Griffin.[2]

In the Spring of 1886 [1], the serum was ready. Despite warnings from other members about the side effects being completely unknown, Magnus insisted on being the first to be injected with it in order to prove its worth. Upon injection, her initial reaction was that of feeling a lot of intense pain which eventually subsided some time after. Seeing that she survived, the other four members followed suit. Once each of them were injected, they received unique "gifts" as a result.

According to Tesla, while everyone chose to become different, Griffin, Watson and Druitt did so for power and for greed. Magnus, however, altered herself out of a pure desire for knowledge; something which Tesla really admired about her as a scientist and person.[3]

Powers Acquired by the Blood

Group Member
Title [2]
Helen Magnus Longevity
"Gift was the most simple and elegant."
Doctor who works with strange and dangerous creatures.
Montague John Druitt Teleportation
Able to "covert his molecular structure to pure energy" and re-materialize in another location.
Menace to Society
Nigel Griffin Invisibility
"Molecules became photosensitive."
The Invisible Man
Sir James Watson Enhanced Intelligence
"Mind grew to new heights."
"Intellect was exponentially increased."
Detective Supreme
Nikola Tesla Awakening of latent Vampire genes.
"Reaction was the most dramatic. Exposure brought forth vampiric traits that had lain dormant in his genes."

Ability Evolution:
  1. Electricity Manipulation
  2. Magnetism
  3. Electromagnetism
Vampire, Genius

Additionally, each member received some form of longevity that allowed them to live a longer lifespan than most humans:

  • Magnus and Tesla's form was genetically 'permanent' as it was an activated inherited trait in the both of them.
    • Tesla's form of vampire longevity is considered equivalent to being immortal in the purest sense.
    • Magnus's form of longevity is almost on par with Tesla's. While she does still age, she does so so incredibly slowly, to where she's essentially immortal as well.
  • Griffin's longevity was a perk gained by the blood itself lingering in his system. He lived for almost a century before dying from an unknown cause. It is unknown if this 'gift' was able to be passed on to later generations through his bloodline as his daughter Anna Griffin died from illness and his granddaughter Clara Griffin was killed.
  • Druitt is believed to have gained his longevity from being treated by Magnus's own blood for his chronic illness.
  • Watson was the only member of The Five who didn't seem to gain any form of long-lasting longevity from the blood. Instead, he used his heightened intellect to create a machine which merely slowed down his own aging process. Once the machine failed, his body rapidly aged, resulting in his subsequent death shortly thereafter.

Each of The Five members were connected by this shared secret, which they would protect for years to come.

The Ripper

After two years had passed since they acquired their gifts, London was besieged by a series of brutal murders targeted against young women in the district of Whitechapel; the attacks eventually became known as the "Jack the Ripper" killings. Watson investigated the murders as he personally believed that he could see more than what a mere mortal could. While it is unknown, the other members of The Five may have also looked into the case, drawn to the possibility that an abnormal might have been involved, or behind, the killings.

The truth, however, was worse than what any of them could have imagined, as it was one of their own who were behind the gruesome crimes. While Magnus, Griffin, Watson and Tesla were able to master and adjust to their abilities, Druitt's ability had the unforeseen side-effect of exposing him to an interdimensional parasite during his dematerializations. Every time Druitt used his ability it drove him more insane, filling him with a rage that could only be satisfied by committing bloodshed.

In the beginning, Druitt was able to hide this condition from the others, especially Watson who would consult with him regularly about the killings. The information shared between them allowed Druitt (as his alter ego "the Ripper") to always stay just one step ahead of him, turning the case into something that confounded Watson like no other. In the end, either Druitt slipped up or the others finally became wise to what he was up to; the truth severely hurting the two members of The Five that he was closest to: Magnus and Watson. Watson was disgusted and ashamed that his friend could do such terrible things, feeling deeply betrayed by him.

After discovering that Druitt was "The Ripper", Magnus blamed herself for "not seeing it sooner".[2] She believed his madness was initially caused by her blood experiment(s) and thus continually tried to offer him help multiple times, even in present day. During one of the first times she hunted him down and confronted him about the killings, not only did Druitt refuse Magnus's help, but he also committed his final Ripper murder right in front of her, slashing Molly's throat. This action caused Magnus to shoot at him as he teleported away, resulting in him obtaining his facial scar from the bullet that nearly missed his face.[4] Shortly thereafter, Magnus cryogenically preserved the unborn child she was carrying within her.[5]

At some point between the Jack the Ripper-killings and the turn of the 20th century, the rest of The Five split apart, with Tesla beginning his plots to restore the Vampire species and Griffin turning to crime to gain wealth. Magnus and Watson continued working together on her goal to bring about her father's vision of a Sanctuary for all.

Early 20th Century

After an undetermined amount of years The Five dropped out of the public eye. One by one they disappeared or faked their deaths in order to avoid suspicion about their powers. Magnus, Tesla, and Druitt each relocated to a different area and changed their appearances: Magnus dyed her hair and moved to Old City, Druitt shaved his head and went into hiding using a network of safehouses he gained from Worth, and Tesla got rid of his famous mustache as he traveled off to New York. Griffin quietly settled down somewhere and started a family. The only member who seemed to stay in London was Watson.

Despite this, four of The Five left a mark on the world, both good and bad. Tesla's science helped make strides for the modern world while Griffin's and Watson's exploits were immortalized in popular fiction, though changed slightly in order to protect their identities. The Invisible Man's insanity might have been Griffin's method of sending a message to Druitt that he wished Druitt had not become a monster and in some way he forgave him. Druitt's mark on the world were his murders as the Ripper that remain unsolved to this day. Magnus, however, preferred to remain in the background working with many famous people, helping them with their work, but remaining anonymous the entire time.

Some time during their shared history, The Five as a whole or individually had encounters with the Cabal, though they managed to stay off the Cabal's radar most of the time and were considered to be little more than a minor nuisance.

In the 1960s, the first of their number, Griffin, died (causes unknown). Being that this might have become a problem if the remaining Source Blood was ever to be needed accessed at some point in the future, Griffin confided in Magnus that he had a daughter who had inherited his power of invisibility, thereby securing his legacy.

21st Century

Despite their differences over the years, The Five have a collective loyalty to one another that has managed to survive for over a century and continues to unite them.

Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II"

In early 2008, a psychotic Druitt infiltrated the Old City Sanctuary in order to acquire a fresh sample of Magnus's blood. He needed her blood to cure himself of a disease he had started to relapse with, a disease that was previously cured by her blood not long before the start of the Whitechapel murders. In order to get past the building's EM Shield, he ambushed his daughter Ashley and her weapons dealer Sylvio Rudd at a warehouse on the Eastside of the city. When Druitt was 'captured', with a demented grin he sung before them the line "Only the chosen left alive immortals all the Holy Five".

Once brought inside the Sanctuary, he made his way to Magnus's Study and demanded that she give him a sample of her blood. To force her to comply, Druitt threatened Ashley's life. Even though Magnus had believed Druitt was "gone for good" by then as he had been completely absent from her life for several decades prior, she always stayed prepared just in case this scenario with Druitt ever happened again. Instead of giving him a pure sample of her blood like he wanted, she lied to him and handed over a poisoned sample. Upon injection, it caused his power to apparently turn on him. Before teleporting away Druitt looked at Magnus with grim determination and said "The Five... The others... will come" before vanishing. Based on his long-term separation from the others coupled with the imbalance in his mind, Druitt most likely though that the others would aid him and seek retribution against Magnus for her actions towards him.

Episode 1x07 - "The Five"

Not long afterwards, a crippled Druitt was found and revived by Tesla. Tesla at the time was 'mad' with one of his Vampire revival plans. When Druitt refused to help him, Tesla shocked him and then left to try to recruit Magnus into the fold. In order to save her, Druitt enlisted Ashley's help (during which time she learned the cliff notes history of The Five and figured out that Druitt was her father). Together, they traveled to Rome, catching up with Magnus and Tesla who were running around somewhere down in the underground catacombs. Druitt then used his power to thrust his hand through Tesla's abdomen, leaving him severely injured, before teleporting away with Magnus and Ashley.

Episode 1x12 - "Revelations, Part I"

In early 2009, The Five reassembled as a group again (joined by a recently healed Tesla and reconstituted with Clara Griffin in her grandfather Nigel's stead) in order to the fight against the Cabal's Lazarus Virus. The solution for it forced them to retrieve the Source Blood from Bhalasaam, which could only be "done as one".

Episode 1x13 - "Revelations, Part II"

In this task, Watson unfortunately became the second member of The Five to die; his death the result of the system failure of the mechanical suit he wore to keep himself alive. While everyone in the room was emotionally affected to some degree by his sudden passing right in front of them, Watson's death hit Magnus the hardest, having brought her to tears. Behind her, Druitt would have been second-in-line as he and Watson had only just moments prior finally reconciled with each other over the Ripper case.

The Five are now 'The Four'.

Episode 2x01 - "End of Nights, Part I"

Six weeks later, Magnus, Tesla, and Druitt have stemmed the Lazarus Virus outbreak and continue to search for the whereabouts of Ashley and find clues about what the Cabal are up to. Clara is now living at the London Sanctuary in a long-distance relationship with Will.

Episode 2x02 - "End of Nights, Part II"

The Four fight the Cabal. The last of the Griffin line died out when Clara was killed during the Super Abnormal attack on the UK Sanctuary.

'The Four' are reduced down the 'The Three': Magnus, Druitt, and Tesla.

Episode 2x10 - "Sleepers"

In late 2009, during another of Tesla's Vampire revival attempts, he accidentally de-vamped himself, returning him back to mortal much to his and Magnus's dismay. This had the effect of changing his power of being able to manipulate electricity into him now being a human magnet with some electromagnetic abilities attached.

Episode 2x11 - "Haunted"

In early 2010, Druitt answered Magnus's call to save a group of Zulu empaths when the boiler of their ship exploded. Shortly after, Druitt was found to have been host to a murderous energy creature. This revelation almost completely changed what both Magnus and Druitt believed to have been the initial cause of his madness.

Episode 3x04 - "Trail of Blood"

Not too long later, Magnus came to Tesla's rescue when he tracked down the vial of Source Blood in hopes of being able to revamp himself, an event that didn't pan out very well for him.

Episode 3x06 - "Animus"

Tesla then stayed around Magnus to explore with her the new mystery of Hollow Earth.

Episode 3x07 - "Breach"

Magnus gets entangled with failed "The Six" member Worth.

Episode 3x08 - "For King and Country"

Eventually Magnus and Tesla bring Druitt into the fold, needing his information about Worth's survival.

Episode 3x09 - "Vigilante"

Together, Magnus, Tesla, Druitt, and Worth use the Holomap and retrieve a Keystone to find a gateway into Hollow Earth.

Episode 3x10 - "The Hollow Men"

While Magnus and her team travel to Praxis, Tesla and Druitt remain with Worth on the surface. When they believe something has gone wrong with the mission, Druitt and Worth travel to Hollow Earth to come to the group's aid. Before that can happen though Druitt is betrayed. Magnus is eventually captured by Praxis and sentenced to death, executed by an electrical force field.

Episode 3x11 - "Pax Romana"

When things in Praxis start to get out of control surrounding Worth, Magnus and eventually the rest of the team are revived. Meanwhile, Druitt escapes and kills the Tabors Worth set loose on him and goes in search of Worth. Druitt eventually finds him in a transport pod after having been shot by Magnus. Druitt lets him live under the pretense of Worth's false promise to him that he'll take Druitt back in time with him to the year 1888; Druitt hoping to change history and prevent The Five from injecting themselves with the Source Blood.

Episode 3x16 - "Awakening"

In late 2010, Magnus and Tesla explored the ruins of an old Praxian fort in East Africa. Once there however, Tesla became mortally wounded from the chamber's security features as they learned too late that the location had actually been converted to the resting place of Afina, Queen of the Vampires. Desperate to save his life, Magnus revamped Tesla by using a sample of blood she took from Afina.

Episode 3x20 - "Into the Black"

In early 2011, Druitt and Magnus tried and failed to stop Worth from opening a time portal leading back to the year 1898 in London. While Magnus followed Worth back to the past, Druitt's fate in the tunnel was left ambiguous as to if he had died or not from the energy blast that ripped its way through Hollow Earth to blow open the tops of three dormant volcano calderas.

With Druitt now being MIA, this turns 'The Three' into 'The Two'.

Episode 4x05 - "Resistance"

While infiltrating Area 51, Magnus finds out that Tesla had betrayed her and gave into working for SCUI, becoming the director of the facility. The pair verbally scuffle and their relationship is heavily strained as they try to shut down one of Tesla's projects that allows a deadly creature to cross an interdimensional plane into their reality.

Episode 4x09 - "Chimera"

In late 2011, Tesla returned to the Old City Sanctuary to help Magnus re-quarantine a damaging Praxian nanite that he intentionally didn't tell her about. To do so, they had to virtually enter their minds into the Sanctuary's computer systems by way of recreated Praxian tech made by Henry Foss. During their time in the system, they came across a digital copy of Worth's consciousness.

Present Day

Episode 4x12 - "Sanctuary for None, Part I"

In early 2012, after Tesla is fired from SCIU, he returns to Magnus lamenting about his life as Magnus works with Caleb.

Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary for None, Part II"

Magnus and Tesla get caught between SCIU and Hollow Earth Insurgents and refugees. Tesla helps Magnus figure out Caleb's plan while simultaneously tries to stop SCIU from using his prototype designs to kill abnormals.

There are only two members of The Five that are definitively known to still be presently alive. These two members are Magnus and Tesla. Magnus herself is currently in 'hiding' at the new Underground Sanctuary after faking her death by self-destructing the Old City Sanctuary. Tesla's whereabouts are unknown.


  • Though it may not be their official symbol, The Five often seem to represent themselves with a five-point pentagram. This was used on the tablet in the Vampire city of Bhalasaam, and was also engraved on each of their personal keys. The keys were used to reveal the hidden protected vial of Source Blood.



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