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The Five

Druitt and Magnus at the defining moment of their lives.

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November 14th, 2008
November 24th, 2008 FlagIcon UK small
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"The Five" is the seventh episode of the first season of Sanctuary, and the seventh episode overall in the series.


While leading a covert meeting in Rome, Magnus encounters an old friend from her past who confides that the Cabal has come to exact revenge on her for the events in "Fata Morgana". Ashley Magnus learns the truth about her father when an old friend makes an appearance.


Opening Sequence
1x07 - Dr. Magnus giving a lecture as Tesla walks in

In Rome, Dr. Helen Magnus is giving a speech about Abnormals to a group of people from around the world. She shows them a brain scan of a young woman who apparently has the ability to lower her body temperature below life sustaining levels, explaining that such brain scans are useful when starting the treatment of an abnormal patient and also mentioning that abnormal abilities are on the rise. While she is speaking, a dark-haired man in a black suit enters the room and has a note handed to her, which says she will be killed in less than three minutes unless she meets him outside.

1x07 - Telsa tricks Magnus into a kiss

Outside the room, he calls Helen over by name and tells her "Kiss me and I will save your life". She initially refuses until he mentions that it's been 60 years since they have last seen each other and to just plant one on him already to which she reluctantly relents and moves in to kiss him on the cheek. At the last second, he turns his face so she kisses him on the lips instead, much to her annoyance. Pulling away, she says "Nikola Tesla, you always did know how to get attention." Tesla then pulls her down the corridor telling her they have to leave, as the building is swarming with Cabal agents. Helen does not bite, but changes her mind when a group of armed men enter the lecture room she was just in, hoping that Tesla has a plan. Further along in the building, they enter a set of catacombs that Tesla found out about from the concierge of his hotel. Moments later, the Cabal break in, led by the Cabal Team Leader who retrieved The Morrígan from the Old City Sanctuary. He tells his men to lock the place down.

Act I
1x07 - Bigfoot tidys up Helen's office

Back at the Sanctuary, Dr. Will Zimmerman asks Bigfoot if there was a staff meeting scheduled. Bigfoot says it was canceled by Ashley. Will does not like this, saying there is much to do, but Bigfoot just gives his and everyone else's opinion by saying "meetings are boring". Will smiles and asks what everyone does for fun while Magnus is gone. Bigfoot states that everyone is busy with their own "projects". Will realizes that he is not really in charge, and that Magnus expects everyone to continue as usual until she returns. The power suddenly spikes, confusing Will, but Bigfoot says he will look into it while Will wanders off to his own work.

1x07 - Druitt teleports an unconscious Ashley away

Elsewhere on the streets, Ashley pulls up to an abandoned building were she is supposed to be meeting Squid, who is in disguise as a squatter. He seems to acknowledge her presence, but just sits there until she gets closer. Suddenly, without warning, he shoots her with a dart gun. As the shocked Ashley falls to the ground, Squid lowers his hood and removes his glasses, revealing that he is actually John Druitt. Ashley passes out and Druitt teleports them both away.

1x07 - Helen uncertain of Nikola's behavior

Meanwhile, in the catacombs of Rome, Magnus and Tesla run down a corridor, narrowly avoiding being spotted by the Cabal soldiers. Magnus panics, while Tesla seems to be enjoying himself. He points out the Cabal seems rather angry and asks Helen what she did and she tells him about the incident[1] with The Morrígan, which just amuses him. Moments later, when they confront the Cabal soldiers, Tesla is revealed to be an Abnormal, a Vampire. Helen, while a bit shocked, points her gun at Tesla, telling him it is enough; her voice seems to calm him down and he reverts to his human form, throwing the guard aside. Helen keeps her gun trained at him, asking Tesla if he has stopped taking his medication. Tesla assures her he only changed because he became a little overexcited, and reminds her that he made a promise not to feed on humans a long time ago, and intends to keep it. Helen lowers her gun and they continue down the corridor, were Tesla demonstrates the ability to spark electricity through physical contact.

Back at the Sanctuary, Will and Bigfoot observe a wrecked console on the wall, the source of the power failure, which looks like something has clawed and scratched at it. They realize that one of the abnormal in the facility must be responsible. Will orders Bigfoot to round up the patients for interviews while Henry Foss, who does not seem to be feeling well, is to check the security systems.

Back in the Catacombs, Nikola uses his vampire strength to take out a pair of guards patrolling down a corridor, while Helen checks to make sure they are not dead Nikola tells her it reminds him of the good old days though he can't exactly remember the year. Helen would prefer not to think about it but Nikola reminds her that every major spy agency was after him during the war and he needed her help to fake his death. Helen though remembers differently reminding him "Who's hair-brained notion was it to supply every allied government with plans for your death ray?" Nikola just scoffs saying he thought everyone would share and peace would break out. He even had a Nobel speech planned. Helen suddenly realizes something and turns and asks Nikola how he knew the Cabal were after her. He responds that he has had a few entanglements with the cabal over the years and both have watched the other. But he has never done anything has stupid has steal from them! Helen responds she has had her people keeping an eye on the Cabal since they attacked the Sanctuary and would have known beforehand if they were going to make a move. In fact the Cabal agents only showed up when Nikola arrived, they're after him! Nikola just smiles saying Helen hasn't lost her touch.

Elsewhere Ashley regains consciousness in an abandoned warehouse handcuffed to a chair, she calls out to Druitt saying she is awake so he can come out and gloat. Druitt does come out, but says he won't gloat as it is rude. Ashley asks what's going to happen next, will she be teleported to the top of the Eiffel Tower and left to hang by her underpants, or will he kill her quickly? Neither is Druitt's response, he needs her help much to Ashley's amusement.

Act II

Ashley is naturally skeptical after their last encounter, but Druitt seams a lot calmer even sorrowful now and says it was urgent that they speak despite the fact Ashley thinks him deranged. Yet that's what she naturally thinks of people who feed her to giant lizard monsters! An apologetic John tells her the incident was deeply regrettable and he hopes she can forgive him and there are things she needs to know about her mother. Most importantly she is in danger! John needs to know where she is right now but Ashley isn't buying this reformed act and John knows she would probably kill him in a heartbeat if he let her lose.

Changing the subject John asks if Helen ever told her who he was (in other words her father), but Ashley is still in the dark and says Helen just said he was someone from her Oxford days before coming here and that she had killed him. From the distraught look on his face this was something John didn't want to hear. John quickly says he has no time for this and that he brought her here for her own and Helen's well-being. He doesn't notice Ashley pull out a lock-pick she had concealed.

Back in the catacombs the Cabal agents continue to stalk Helen and Nikola who are just out of sight while Helen berates Nikola for being so reckless has to contact her while he was being hunted. True he was reckless but he admits he needed to see her but Helen responds he should have used proper channels so a meeting place could be arranged. Nikola asks if Helen would have preferred him to endanger one of her Sanctuary's or just her? Neither! She then notes that Nikola dropped out of sight at the end of the second World War and nobody heard from him since, "Well I did die a lonely impoverished pitiful old man" Nikola responds in reference to his faked death. Helen says she only faked his death to save his life so he could continue his work in peace and she deserves an explanation about what he has been up to. Nikola says he has kept busy and talk turns to Oxford and how heir work was personal to him. Helen responds it was personal for all of them:

There is a flashback of Victorian Helen gasping in pain while John and Nikola hold her still, a syringe is shown before we return to Helen gasping in pain.

Back in the present Nikola tells her how she and the "others" all changed while he discovered who he truly was and the more he embraces that the more it feels like he has accomplished nothing. Helen tries to console him saying his gifts to the world will live on long after he dies, whenever he actually does die. Nikola doesn't think he has much of an existence at the moment what with the Cabal hounding him. But why? is Helen's question is he has been underground for so long and the Cabal only goes after what they see has useful. "Or a threat" is Nikola's response and Helen is left worried by this. Elsewhere the head soldier finds the fallen guards and tells one of his men he wants a specific device down here asap.

At the Sanctuary Will walks down a corridor to find Bigfoot tending to Two Faced Guy who look badly beaten up, and he isn't the only one and there have been several other attacks in the past two hours. Nice face says he never saw what attacked him as it moved too quickly, while Evil face didn't see anything because he was meditating. Will and Bigfoot look worried because if what ever it is is in the elevator system it could be anywhere or get anywhere in the Sanctuary. They take Two Face to the med lab and agree to meet at Henry's lab.

Henry, who has been getting sicker, passes out. Bigfoot insists that he must rest and drags him away to his room. Tesla, meanwhile, reveals a seething anger when asked why the Cabal viewed him as a threat. He is part vampire and resents his kind's demise : "Humans were conquered because we were smarter and stronger. And when vampires ruled the world, it was a golden age … now people think that we're allergic to garlic and that we can turn into bats at will. It's beyond insulting". Suddenly the 'L-Rad' sends out a shock wave. Tesla pushes Helen out of the way and is impaled upon the wall.


He reawakens momentarily and pulls himself away from the stake which has been driven thru his chest, joking in the voice of Dracula. Helen, ignoring that Nikola protected her, is angry at being "put in the line of fire". However she is shocked into silence when he tells her that he has always loved her - "more than that lunatic Druitt ever did".

Druitt, meanwhile, is explaining to Ashley that he knew her mother in London "when we were young". Suddenly, the disbelieving daughter breaks free of her bonds and attacks. Druitt teleports both of them to a series of dangerous locales before Ashley is forced to stop fighting. Back at the Sanctuary, Will and Bigfoot discover that the motion detectors have been disabled. They also find a reptilian-like scale and a box of Diazepam (a sedative) which has been clawed open.

As Tesla is admitting to Helen how he always admired her, Druitt continues explaining to Ashley just how close he was to her mother. He tells her that they were members of a group called 'The Five' - "dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the physical world … by the most unconventional means". Druitt explains that their longevity was not genetic but rather the result of a choice each made to 'evolve'. The other members of the group were Nigel Griffin, Sir James Watson and Nikola Tesla - the famous scientist who Druitt claims "leeched off Edison and cheated Marconi". He then inquires as to whether Ashley has ever heard of the species 'Sanguine Vampiris'. He tells her that her mother was able to procure a sample of pure ancient vampire blood, a sample which dated from before the time when vampires were killed off or sterilized. Helen Magnus derived a serum from the blood and insisted on being the first to experiment with it. In time, each of the five injected the serum and each received unique 'gifts' as a result.

We flash back again to the same underground study has before though in more detail. Helen is seated in the middle of the room with John by her side while another man (James) stands behind her and Nigel is off screen. Nikola approaches with the syringe but from his movements and voice and the worried looks on the others faces this is something they don't want to do. Helen eventually convinces them to proceed and Nikola injects her which produces a painful reaction.

Back in the present John explains after Helen the rest of the Five all received the same injection but vastly different abilities; Ashley though still unsure about the former madman but allows her curiosity to get the better of her and asks about the powers of the other three. With a smile John recounts how Nigel develops invisibility and James gained increased intelligence and with a sneer says "But Tesla's reaction was the most... dramatic". Explaining that the young scientist had unknowingly carried dormant vampiric genes that the Source Blood injection activated.

Will begins to suspect that Henry is involved in the strange goings on at the Sanctuary when he sees Diazepam laying about his room and notices a cut on his leg. But Bigfoot gets angry and won't let Will question Henry. He also can't access Henry's personnel file in the computer. Strange things are happening in the catacombs as well. Tesla is almost giddy with excitement when, in the distance, the Cabal team comes under attack. He tells Helen that "the playing field just got leveled". The Cabal Team Leader is suddenly struck down by a vampire. "My God, Nikola, what have you done?", asks Magnus when two growling vampires appear before them. "Welcome to the future", crows Tesla.

Act IV

Druitt frees Ashley and tells her that Tesla is the imminent danger her mother is facing. He challenges her to think, not just to act. There is little time, he says. At that very moment Tesla is explaining to Dr. Magnus how he created these new vampires. A little of his blood and a little of his electrical charge mixed with a dead body and, voila, instant vampire. Druitt explains how Tesla revived him after his last encounter with Helen and then tortured him when he refused to join forces. He tells Ashley that her mother will undoubtedly also refuse and that Tesla will certainly kill her. Druitt claims that the electric shock purged him of his violent rage and made him whole again. "Together", he says, "we can save her". Concurrently, Tesla is trying to convince Helen to join him. His new creations are fast, vicious and strong, but virtually mindless. He believes that she could help make them intelligent as well. "You and I could usher in a new golden age", he tells her. Tesla becomes angry when Helen looks horrified and calls him mad.

We know "abnormals are on the rise", argues Tesla, and together we can lead them. He is imagining an army of his "mini-me's" conquering the world when Magnus shoots him several times and runs away. Tesla orders his creations to get her. Earlier, back at the Sanctuary, Henry ordered Will out of his room when Will pressed him about the attacks.

Act V

Now, when the elevator door opens, Will is confronted by a large Snake Creature. He flees down the hall as Magnus is fleeing down corridors of the catacombs. Suddenly, a missing-link-like creature crashes into the large reptile and drives it out the window, saving Will. As the wounded reptile slithers away, the hairy creature quickly 'evolves' back into Henry as an astonished Will watches from the broken window above.

In the catacombs, the creatures close in as Dr. Magnus runs out of ammunition, only to be ordered back by Tesla. With what is presumed to be her last breath, Helen advances, bitterly insulting and taunting him. Suddenly, Druitt's fist rams through Tesla's abdomen and he teleports Helen and Ashley to safety. Helen is angry and unappreciative so Druitt teleports out, leaving Ashley to explain.

In the Sanctuary, Will humbly apologizes to Henry and thanks him for "saving my ass" from the big snake.

Ashley now knows the truth. "He's my father, isn't he?", she asks her mother. "Yes. He is", answers Magnus. As they stare out at the city, Dr. Magnus guiltily admits to the fact that she has never shown her daughter Rome. Ashley responds that "there was never time", to which her mother adds that she has "a lot to make up for". Helen then extends her hand out to Ashley in an effort to make amends, and after a brief pause, Ashley accepts her gesture.


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Notable Quotes

TESLA: [to Helen] My god, you look sexy with a gun.

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • Chronology: Rome, Italy is 9 hours ahead of Vancouver, Canada. Staff meetings at the Old City Sanctuary are held at 9:00 AM, making it 6:00 PM in Rome during Dr. Magnus' lecture.
  • Chronology: In this episode, Ashley Magnus corrects her father on her mother's age. She states that Helen is still 157 instead of Druitt's erroneous claim of being 158 years old. This places all episodes of Season 1 up to now (Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary For All, Part I" through Episode 1x07 - "The Five") to be between the time frame of August 27th, 2007 and August 27th, 2008. Indicating that events of "The Five" happen at the very least 3 months before its late-November 2008 air date.
  • Anachronism: John Druitt shows Ashley an old locket photo of Helen saying it was taken by Henry Talbot "in 1880, uh, something, I forget the exact date". William Henry Fox Talbot was one on the early pioneers of photography. He died in 1877.
  • Continuity Error: When John Druitt appears with his arm inside Nikola Tesla, the camera zooms in on his right hand clearly in Tesla, however in the next scene after transporting to safety, his left hand is covered in blood and his right one clean.
  • Factual Error: This episode's flashback to The Five's time at Oxford in the 1880s is wrong on two counts concerning the real Nikola Tesla: First of all, he had a Slavic accent at the time (which he kept until his death in 1943), not an American one. Secondly, he never studied or taught at either Cambridge, Oxford, or Eton. In fact, he didn't even set foot on English soil until the late-1930s.
  • Reference: "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999) - Tesla mentions his "Mini-Me's".

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