Superabnormals 01

The first set of superabnormals

Superabnormals was the name Dr. Helen Magnus gave to a set of genetically manipulated humans who were given artificial abnormal powers like teleportation, vampiric strength, telepathy, and excellent fighting abilities.

The Cabal created the first six with the help of the source blood Ashley Magnus had stolen from her mother's sanctuary. Their first mission was to assault and destroy the Sanctuary Network. After the Tokyo Sanctuary was taken out, the rest of the Sanctuary Network upgraded their systems and EM shields. After a failed attempt on the London Sanctuary, the superabnormals tried to take out the Old City Sanctuary. The defense consisted of Helen Magnus, John Druitt, Nikola Tesla, Will Zimmerman, Bigfoot, Henry Foss, and Kate Freelander. Armed with the new and now lethal source blood weapon, Helen managed to kill three with it. Another one was killed while teleporting with the EM shield up, and when Ashley realized what she had become she sacrificed herself to kill the last one.[1]

The term "superabnormal" was also used by Henry Foss to describe hyperspecies abnormals.[2]

Notes and References Edit

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