Ralphie, an adolescent stenopelhabilis

The Stenopelhabilis is a species of abnormal that almost went extinct early in the early 21st century due to poaching of its tusks. They are vaguely cat-like, with hairless skin and ridged backs. They normally feed on bamboo, but can also develop a fondness for cheeseburgers. The last thing you should feed a Steno is Reese's Pieces as their bodies react to the mixture of sugar and peanuts like crack causing them to become violently insane.

The last two Stenopelhabilis were kept in the Tokyo Sanctuary until they were killed during the attack by the Cabal. Their corpses were then moved to the Old City Sanctuary in cryogenic stasis. When Kate Freelander opened the case to steal the tusks, the corpses defrosted and the offspring that had escaped notice was able to escape. As Kate was the first thing it saw, it imprinted on her, stealing her clothing and putting it in its nest. It later escaped from the Sanctuary, but Kate and Henry Foss were able to find it and bring it back.[1]

Kate later tried to use the tusk of a Stenopelhabilis to pay off a debt for her brother.[2]

In early 2011, one of the Stenopelhabilis that the Beijing Sanctuary had been breeding in order to revive the species escaped due to a shipping mix-up and roamed the sewers of Old City. The Sanctuary team was able to capture the creature with some help from FBI agent Abby Corrigan.[3]

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