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"Sanctuary for All, Part I" is the first episode of the first season of Sanctuary, and the first episode overall in the series.


The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) recruits an insightful forensic psychiatrist named Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) to join her in the quest to track, study and protect the strange, and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.


Back: Mrs. Lutrova, Woman, and Mr. Lutrov
Front: Russo and Birch

Two police officers arrive at an apartment to investigate a disturbance. After a Russian woman refuses to allow them in, they kick down the door and begin searching the apartment. Behind a locked door, they find a dead body. Under a bed is a frightened little boy. As the police try to help out, a snake like creature stabs one of the officers in the head.

Dr. Helen Magnus

The scene cuts to several hours later. Dr. Will Zimmerman is investigating the murders, but his theories of what took place fall on deaf ears.

As he leaves the scene, he sees someone climbing down a fire escape and gives chase. A motorcycle zooms past him, causing him to be distracted and get hit by a car. The backseat passenger gets out and apologizes, saying that she never intended for them to meet this way.

Magnus and Will

Will wakes up in a hospital with a minor injury. He goes upstairs to where a male suspect found near the apartment homicide is being interviewed. The eye witness Jagna Lutrova (one of the women living in the apartment) is brought in to identify her father's killer. She says to Det. Joe Kavanaugh that the suspect in custody is the killer, but Will knows she is lying.

Outside, Will is met by the same woman whose car had hit him earlier. She introduces herself as Dr. Helen Magnus, who runs the Sanctuary. She takes him there and shows him some of the abnormals, who have either turned themselves in or have been captured. A bald man appears outside and attempts to gain entry, but is repelled by an unknown force.

Ashley, Alexei, Magnus, and Will

Magnus's daughter, Ashley, has been chasing the boy through the subway and is forced to beat up some security guards.

Up stairs in Magnus's study, Magnus explains more about the role of the Sanctuary and her hope for Will to join, during which Will has his first face-to-face encounter with Bigfoot who was delivering tea to the pair. Ashley sends a text to her mother, about finding the boy, to which Magnus and Will travel to her location.

Magnus, Ashley and Will all meet together in the subway and join forces to capture the boy. The snake creature attacks both Will and Ashley, and Magnus knocks the boy out with a tranquilizer, also knocking out the snake-like appendage.

Will and Magnus

After Will and Ashley are treated, Magnus takes him to see the boy. The snake is actually an Abnormal symbiotic appendage. Magnus located Will because she needs his help in earning the creature's trust.


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WILL: You said you were pursuing the boy.
MAGNUS: Indeed.
WILL: Why?
MAGNUS: I suspect you know why.
WILL: No. Honestly, I don't.
MAGNUS: Well, then, this will be a very illuminating evening.

WILL: You call this place a sanctuary. For whom?
MAGNUS: Or what.
WILL: [laughs] You know what? This was a really bad idea. I'm very sorry to have wasted your time, and I'm even sorrier that you've wasted mine. [Starts to walk away]
MAGNUS: Your instincts told you that the boy was anything but normal. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
[Will turns back]
MAGNUS: Inside these walls are beings that make his qualities pale by comparison. "Sanctuary for all". It's not an empty motto.

WILL: So, you're a doctor of... *what*, exactly?

MAGNUS: The purpose of this sanctuary is to find and help the unfortunate creatures of this world. Some need saving. Others can't be allowed to roam free.

MAGNUS: We have a dual obligation: to study the miraculous and to protect against the perilous.



  • "Sanctuary for All, Part I" is the re-shot version of "Webisode 1" & "Webisode 2".
  • Chronology: This episode establishes Ashley's birthday as occurring in the summer as well as her current age. Will comments on Magnus looking 12-years-older than her daughter Ashley. Since Magnus is eternally the physical age of 35-years-old, this makes Ashley 23-years-old.



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