Sanctuary network video conference

A video conference featuring a number of Sanctuary house heads

The Sanctuary Network is a network of safe havens for abnormals. While some abnormals come to the Sanctuary of their own free will, seeing it as their home, other abnormals are considered too dangerous to be allowed to run free in the wild. It was founded by Gregory and Helen Magnus in order to protect abnormals and humans from each other.

A number of local branches, including Tokyo, New Delhi, Beijing, Moscow, as well as the headquarters in Old City, were attacked by the transformed Ashley Magnus and her fellow enhanced Superabnormals on orders from the Cabal.[1]


The Sanctuary Network is governed by the council of the House Heads, with founder and Old City Sanctuary house head Helen Magnus as a kind of first among equals, officially referred to as "head of the global network".[2] Important and immediate decisions are made by the Executive Committee.[3]


A total of 12 Sanctuaries have been closed by Magnus. Of which, Cape Town, Dallas, Brisbane, and Tokyo Sanctuaries were specifically named as having been the latest to close.[4]

Defense Forces

Though little of it has been seen, the Sanctuary network keeps their own paramilitary defense force, mostly made of humans but also consisting of abnormals. These soldiers guard the Sanctuarys in event of invasion, and have even been shown to be pulled together using militaristic tactics to coordinate assaults. While the number of soldiers have not been mentioned, they are quite well equipped with automatic weapons, state of the art technology and even a small fleet of warships.

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