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Sanctuary For None, Part II

Abby, Will, and Kate watch the Sanctuary's fate.

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59 4x13 4
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December 30th, 2011
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Chronological Information

"Sanctuary For None, Part II" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Sanctuary, and the fifty-ninth episode overall in the series.


After Magnus has announced the existence of abnormals to the world, her great plan is set into motion. Meanwhile, Tesla realizes he may have handed SCIU the means to build a doomsday weapon.


Opening Sequence

Dr. Helen Magnus has announced the existence of Abnormals to the whole world in a live television interview. Greg Addison and his team are working on ways to get the situation under control; he tries to enlist Dr. Will Zimmerman's help, but he refuses. Will gets a call from Magnus, who tells him detaining the Abnormals will not be SCIU's final move, and that he must stay in place for the time being.

Act I

Magnus explains to Henry Foss that she saw a situation similar to the one they are facing now when she witnessed the Nazis enter the Warshaw Ghetto in 1943, and that walling the Abnormals up is the first step on the road to extermination.

Addison gets a video call from a man named Fordis, who tells him that the tech upgrades he took from Nikola Tesla will be very useful for the production of new weaponry. Realizing that he does not have control of the situation, Addison offers Will a deal; he is given access to the SCIU network and promises to find out Magnus' plans in turn.

Caleb, head of the Abnormal Insurgency, meets with Bigfoot and shows him a vial with a blue liquid. He tells him that when all his done, Abnormals will rule the surface and the humans will worship them as gods.

Act II

Meanwhile, Tesla and Henry realize that Tesla may have handed SCIU the means to build a doomsday weapon: his multi-spectrum containment concept is applied all around the Homeland Project, and could be turned into a giant electrified web.

Magnus sneaks into the Fifth Ward and meets with Kate Freelander and Bruno Delacourt. She is led to Caleb and tries to convince him that the Insurgency should go into hiding for the time being. She also tells him about the containment field, but he decides that he and his kind should make their stand.

When she leaves, Magnus tells Kate and Bigfoot that she does not trust Caleb, and orders Kate to put Bruno on his tail. However, Bigfoot turns against them and catches Bruno, telling him he needs a lesson in loyalty.


Some time later, Bruno delivers the blue liquid to the Sanctuary; Bigfoot gave it to him after all, and has also decided that Caleb has to be dealt with. Kate tries to convince him to leave with her, but he says it is too early.

Will and Abby Corrigan discover that the Tokyo, Dallas, Brisbane, and Cape Town Sanctuaries have all been closed, bringing the total number of closed facilities in the last eight months to twelve. The two try to figure out what Magnus is up to by tracing her steps after she left London in 1898 following her voyage back through time. They discover she visited Tesla in New York City, where he was working on the Warden Clyffe Tower. She influenced history under the name "Helen Bancroft" (her mother's maiden name) and made contact with Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller. She also established various businesses on several continents. Will realizes that the recent 12-minute shut-down of Wall Street was used to hide the fact that Magnus was liquidating her assets. Whatever she is doing, she is almost ready.

Magnus and Tesla try to figure out what the blue liquid is; they eventually discover that it is a virus that could awaken the latent abnormal DNA in all humans on Earth.

Act IV

Will meets with Magnus, and figures out that she never did truly trust Caleb. He is disappointed that she did not trust him, but she did not trust anyone. Whatever SCIU is doing will happen tonight. She asks him to trust her a little longer, and play his part.

Caleb discovers that the virus is gone, and angrily demands Bigfoot be found. Kate overhears his orders and warns the Big Guy. He acts as if he wants to leave with her, but then locks her away behind a massive door. Moments later, Caleb and the others arrive, and start kicking and hitting him as he goes to the ground.

Act V

Will meets with Addison, who is about to send more troops into the Homeland zone. Will convinces him to give him the access to the electrified grid. Tesla and Henry can use them to shut down the grid for a short time.

In her office in the Sanctuary, Helen Magnus arms herself and prepares to leave.

As the grid is shut down, Will and Abby get into the Fifth Ward with a small team. At the same time, Magnus finds Bigfoot's limp body at the Sanctuary's front gate, and he is not alone: Caleb and his abnormal brothers have come to take back the virus. Magnus sarcastically welcomes them to her home, gun in hand.

Act VI

Magnus fires a number of shots at Caleb, which hardly slows him down. She retreats and tells Henry to lure the intruders to the main lab. Henry and Tesla both gear up and prepare for battle.

Will and Abby arrive in the Homeland Project and start evacuating the abnormals.

Tesla and Henry use their abnormal powers to overcome two of the intruders, while the rest go after Magnus. They catch up with her in her main office, but she is able to slip away.

Will finds and frees Kate, and they soon realize what the pool of blood on the floor means. Minutes later they and the others are on their way out of the Fifth Ward.

Old City Falls

The end of the Old City Sanctuary

Magnus arrives in the main lab and sends Tesla off with a kiss. He locks her in the lab just before Caleb and two of his brothers arrive. The automated guns take his companions out, but Caleb hits Magnus, sending her flying through the room. However, Magnus directs his attention to a self destruct sequence running in the background. He orders her to stop it, but she only spits, "My house, my rules!" and punches another button on her control pad; an automated arm with a giant drill punches through Caleb's upper body from behind, killing him. Magnus puts on Henry's Full Outer-Shell Safety Shield as the countdown reaches zero. Will, Abby and Kate watch on as the Old City Sanctuary is blown to pieces by a series of enormous explosions. Abby notes that Magnus is surely okay, but Will thinks otherwise.

Some time later, Will makes his way through an underground corridor and eventually discovers a door with a retinal scanner. He is let inside, and soon comes across Magnus, who appears completely at peace for a change. As she once did years ago, she offers him a glimpse into a world he always wanted to see -- unless he already has a job. When he notes that he quit SCIU a week ago, she leads him deeper into the caves, to a sight that leaves him speechless: she has secretly created a new Underground Sanctuary, with modern habitats and Praxian technology, large enough to hold all the Abnormals of the world.

"I get a raise, right?" Will asks, overwhelmed.

"Absolutely not", Magnus answers. "Shall we begin?"


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Notable Quotes

HELEN: [to Will] If you still want to arrest me, I'll be very disappointed.

CALEB: I greeted you like a brother, and this is the thanks I get?

BIGFOOT: You're not my brother.

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Extended Scene: Scene 55 "How Are Things?"

Deleted Scene: Scene 61 "113 Years Of Seclusion"

Deleted Scene: Scene 62 "Why I Hate People"

Deleted Scene: Scene 71 "New York, 1901"

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • Chronology: This is the final episode of Sanctuary.
  • Chronology: In a deleted scene labeled: Scene 61 "113 Years Of Seclusion", Will and Abby are discussing Magnus' trip back through time. Will states that he has worked for Helen for 4 years and that the events of the Hollow Earth uprising arc and Magnus going back in time in Episode 3x20 - "Into The Black" happened 1 year previously. Abby also states that Helen is now 274 instead of her previous assumed age of 161; placing this episode after her birthday on August 27th, 2011.
  • Chronology: Being a year since Episode 3x20 - "Into The Black", events of this episode "Sanctuary For None, Part II" take place in early-2012 as events of "Into The Black" regarding the Hollow Earth Invasion happen 4-5 months before its air date in early-2011. Math helps support this as 2011 - 113 = 1898, indicating that the events of "Sanctuary For None, Part II" happen about 1-2 months after the episode's late-December 2011 air date.
  • About twenty minutes into the episode, when Will and Abby are trying to trace the whereabouts of Helen Magnus during her century of waiting to catch up with the timeline: Abby mentions a Helen Bancroft was a guest at a private symposium in London where she met Einstein. However, the photo that she pulls up is from the 1927 Solvay Conference in Brussels, Belgium. The conference participants are seen seated on the steps to the Solvay conference building in Leopold Park, which has since become the Lycée Emile Jacqmain, a public secondary school of the City of Brussels.
  • Will and Abby reviewing the recent property records in this episode solves an apparent financial issue seen in the beginning of previous Episode 4x11 - "The Depths". That episode opens with Will looking over financial reports in which he comments that the Network is spewing money and recommends that some of the smaller Sanctuaries be merged. Helen disagrees, describing the matter as being a difference of perspective. Here in "Sanctuary For None, Part II", it is stated that Helen has closed several Sanctuaries around the globe over the course of the past year; multiple others having just been listed for sale or lease resulting from the recent Maneuver Delta-Epsilon seen executed by Richard Feliz in Episode 4x12 - "Sanctuary For None, Part I". Theory: Based on this, Helen mostly likely had Feliz create almost a years worth of false global expense reports for Will to read in order to hide the closures from him.
  • After the Old City Sanctuary has been destroyed there is a scene where Will and Kate survey the destruction, behind them is a group of Abnormal refugees. Amongst the group is an Abnormal of the same species as Terrance Wexford. This is the first and only time another member of his kind are seen.

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