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Sanctuary For All

Will and Magnus meet for the first time

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1 & 2 1x01-02 One
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October 3, 2008
October 6, 2008 (Part I) FlagIcon UK small
October 13, 2008 (Part II) FlagIcon UK small
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"Sanctuary For All" is the two-part pilot of the Sanctuary television series. It contains various elements from the first four of the original webisodes released in 2007, and was broadcast as a two-hour feature in the United States.

Synopsis Edit

The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) recruits an insightful forensic psychiatrist named Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) to join her in the quest to track, study and protect the strange, and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.

Plot Edit

Part I Edit

1x01 Cops find the boy hidden under the bed

Police officers Albert Russo and Lawrence Birch find a boy and a dead body locked in a bedroom.

Two police officers arrive at an apartment to investigate a disturbance. After a Russian woman refuses to allow them in, they kick down the door and begin searching the apartment. Behind a locked door, they find a dead body. Under a bed is a frightened little boy. As the police try to help out, a snake like creature stabs one of the officers in the head.

1x01 Magnus checks on Will after her car hits him.

Helen checks on Will after Biggie hits him with her car.

The scene cuts to several hours later. Will Zimmerman is investigating the murders, but his theories of what took place fall on deaf ears. As he leaves the scene, he sees someone climbing down a fire escape and gives chase. A motorcycle zooms past him, causing him to be distracted and get hit by a car. The backseat passenger gets out and apologizes, saying that she never intended for them to meet this way.

1x01 Helen shows Will the Sanctuary

Helen gives Will a tour of the Sanctuary's main lab.

Will wakes up in a hospital with a minor injury. He is taken to the police station where a male suspect found near the apartment homicide is being interviewed. The eye witness Jagna Mitrovna (one of the women living in the apartment) is brought in to identify her father's killer. She says that the suspect in custody is the killer, but Will knows she is lying. Outside, Will is met by the same woman who's car had hit him earlier. She introduces herself as Dr. Helen Magnus, who runs the Sanctuary. She takes him there and shows him some of the Abnormals, who have either turned themselves in or have been captured. A bald man appears outside and attempts to gain entry, but is repelled by an unknown force.

1x13 Magnus, Will, and Ashley around Alexei

Magnus checks on Alexei after darting him; Helen introduces her daughter Ashley to Will.

Helen's daughter, Ashley, has been chasing the boy through the subway and is forced to beat up some security guards. Helen, Ashley and Will sneak into the subway to find the boy. The snake creature attacks both Will and Ashley, and Helen knocks the boy out with a tranquilizer, also knocking out the snake.

1x01 Helen and Will observing Alexei

Helen and Will on the observation deck looking down at Alexei in his cell.

After Will and Ashley are treated, Helen takes him to see the boy. The snake is actually an abnormal symbiotic appendage. Helen located Will because she needs his help in earning the creature's trust.

Part II Edit

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Part I

Part II

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Notes and References Edit

  • Part I is the reshot version of webisodes 1 & 2
  • Part II is the reshot version of webisodes 3 & 4
  • Before disapearing John mentions "The Five... The others will come", forshadowing the events of Episode 1x07.

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