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Sanctuary For All

Will and Magnus meet for the first time

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1 & 2 1x01-02 One
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October 3, 2008
October 6, 2008 (Part I) FlagIcon UK small
October 13, 2008 (Part II) FlagIcon UK small
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"Sanctuary For All" is the two-part pilot of the Sanctuary television series. It contains various elements from the first four of the original webisodes released in 2007, and was broadcast as a two-hour feature in the United States.

Synopsis Edit

The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) recruits an insightful forensic psychiatrist named Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) to join her in the quest to track, study and protect the strange, and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.

Plot Edit

Part I Edit

1x01 Cops find the boy hidden under the bed

Police officers Albert Russo and Lawrence Birch find a boy and a dead body locked in a bedroom.

Two police officers arrive at an apartment to investigate a disturbance. After a Russian woman refuses to allow them in, they kick down the door and begin searching the apartment. Behind a locked door, they find a dead body. Under a bed is a frightened little boy. As the police try to help out, a snake like creature stabs one of the officers in the head.

1x01 Magnus checks on Will after her car hits him.

Helen checks on Will after Biggie hits him with her car.

The scene cuts to several hours later. Will Zimmerman is investigating the murders, but his theories of what took place fall on deaf ears. As he leaves the scene, he sees someone climbing down a fire escape and gives chase. A motorcycle zooms past him, causing him to be distracted and get hit by a car. The backseat passenger gets out and apologizes, saying that she never intended for them to meet this way.

1x01 Helen shows Will the Sanctuary

Helen gives Will a tour of the Sanctuary's main lab.

Will wakes up in a hospital with a minor injury. He is taken to the police station where a male suspect found near the apartment homicide is being interviewed. The eye witness Jagna Mitrovna (one of the women living in the apartment) is brought in to identify her father's killer. She says that the suspect in custody is the killer, but Will knows she is lying. Outside, Will is met by the same woman who's car had hit him earlier. She introduces herself as Dr. Helen Magnus, who runs the Sanctuary. She takes him there and shows him some of the Abnormals, who have either turned themselves in or have been captured. A bald man appears outside and attempts to gain entry, but is repelled by an unknown force.

1x13 Magnus, Will, and Ashley around Alexei

Magnus checks on Alexei after darting him; Helen introduces her daughter Ashley to Will.

Helen's daughter, Ashley, has been chasing the boy through the subway and is forced to beat up some security guards. Helen, Ashley and Will sneak into the subway to find the boy. The snake creature attacks both Will and Ashley, and Helen knocks the boy out with a tranquilizer, also knocking out the snake.

1x01 Helen and Will observing Alexei

Helen and Will on the observation deck looking down at Alexei in his cell.

After Will and Ashley are treated, Helen takes him to see the boy. The snake is actually an abnormal symbiotic appendage. Helen located Will because she needs his help in earning the creature's trust.

Part II Edit

1x02 Henry, Helen, Alexei, Will, Bigfoot

Will along with Bigfoot enter the observation cell that Alexei is being held in. Will attempts to connect with the boy, having Bigfoot release him from his restraints. Meanwhile, Helen is joined by Henry up on the observation deck above. Henry gives Magnus the analysis results of the sample she took from one of the cops at the morgue and notifies her of a working girl being murdered behind a warehouse near Circle Square 4 hours ago, to which Helen requests the CCTV footage. Henry then leaves the room after requesting server upgrades, leaving Magnus alone to continue to watch the scene below.

1x02 Henry catches Ashley leaving

As Henry makes his way back through the large building, when the elevator he is in stops at the residential level, he comes across Ashley who is now fully dressed in her biker leathers, with helmet in hand. As they trade places, Henry comments "I thought your mother grounded you?" to which Ashley responds with "She did" as she turns to reach for the down button to take her to the garage. Even though Henry catches her breaking her mom's order, he lets her go so she can get them some new "toys".

Back down in the observation cell, Alexei's appendage attacks Will, shattering the corner of the wooden chair Will is holding out in front of him as form of protection. Will eventually calms the boy through conversation, relating to him through the topic of "fear" being a defense mechanism and the need to feel safe being universal for everyone. Up above, Helen is remarkably impressed, stating the outcome of the scene below as being "magnificent".

The next scene jumps to Helen up in her study at her computer station reviewing the CCTV footage she requested from Henry earlier. As she watches, her suspicion and worst fear becomes a reality as she clearly identifies the suspect in the frame of footage as being John Druitt. She then checks the status of the protective EM Shield surrounding the property, noting that is currently working at 100% efficiency, which gives her a tiny bit comfort knowing that he can't get through it.

1x02 Ashley meets Sylvio

On the East side of town, Ashley and Sylvio are talking shop as they handle weapons for Ashley to potentially purchase. Their dealings are suddenly interrupted by Druitt as he throws spiked metal balls at Sylvio and his van, hitting Sylvio in the chest making him collapse. Ashley ducks for cover behind a desk and opens fire at the mysterious intruder. When the intruder disappears around a corner, Ashley drags Sylvio over behind the desk, and then at his request, she leaves to track down their assailant.

Back at the Sanctuary, Helen is joined by Will on the parapets of the South Tower located on the roof above Helen's study. Here, they discuss Will's ability to cope with the world of the Sanctuary he just entered and Helen eventually admits that she knows his destiny is to work with the Sanctuary, revealing that the monster he saw kill his mother when he was 8 was real. Will finally realizes that Magnus knew how all this new information would affect him and asks how she expects him to work along side creatures like the one that killed his mother. Helen's only response is that it's up to him to take a massive leap of faith.

1x02 Druitt disarms Ashley

In the warehouse Ashley and Sylvio are in, Ashley tries in vain to chase down the mystery man who keeps appearing and disappearing from view at a very confusing and unnatural speed. After expending many bullets from her gun's magazine, a frustrated Ashley turns around to come face-to-face with the man, who pries the golden gun from her hand. He comments "That's a nasty toy for someone your age" to which Ashley replies "It's a present from my mom". At the response, he says "Then you better have it back", intentionally letting her grab it and aim it at his head. Immediately, the man and Ashley get into a physically confrontation, forcing Ashley to waste six more bullets. As he then lines up her shot directly at his head for the second time, Ashley is surprised to find that her clip now is empty when she pulls the trigger to try to execute him. At the dismay, she decides to drop the gun to get into hand-to-hand combat with the guy. Unfortunately, the man has more fighting experience and has the upper hand due to his sheer height and reach, giving him a clear advantage over her. Only a few seconds in, Ashley takes a massive punch to the face, cutting her cheek open. Several times during the fight he effectively blocks her punches and kicks, criticizing her ability as having "decent technique, completely lacking in discipline, but impressive enough" as he twists her arm and then releases her. As she tries to catch her breath, she questions who the man is, to which he says "Just someone new in town. Beyond that, I wouldn't want to be the one to spoil the surprise". He then proceeds to angrily declare "Now, it's time for you to learn to respect you elders!" and gives her a massive kick to the stomach, knocking her straight off her feet to land flat on her back several feet away, blonde hair and limbs splaying out all over the concrete floor.

1x02 Helen and Sally

Down in the primary area of the Sanctuary sub-level, the mermaid at the glass wall of its enclosure attracts Helen's attention as she passes through the area, drawing her over. Helen mirrors the mermaid, placing her hand on the glass through which they can have a telepathic conversation. Helen comforts the mermaid, saying they are safe from "him" as the shield is working, however the mermaid picks up on her other worries, especially presumably Helen's fear for Ashley, as Helen then states "If the truth were to come out, consequences would be devastating."

1x02 Sylvio tasers Druitt

Back at the warehouse, Ashley collects herself, standing back up to take on a defensive stance, swaying a bit as she coughs and continues to breath hard after having all of the air knocked out of her. Her and Druitt exchange words back-and-forth for a bit just before Sylvio shows up behind Druitt, shooting him in the back with a taser gun. As Druitt starts to ramble, Sylvio tells him to "shut up" as he drops him to the floor. Once down, Ashley relaxes, thanking her partner, to which Sylvio returns to their earlier 'shop' comments, saying "Now he's got to be worth something".

1x02 Henry, Druitt, and Ashley

Cut to the outside of the Sanctuary, Ashley and Henry arrive at a side loading entrance in a van. When they get out, they open up the back to reveal the man from earlier now securely strapped to a gurney. Henry doesn't really see the guy as a threat, except Ashley knows better, stating "He took 10,000 volts plus a triple-tranq" in order to subdue him. After the two release the gurney from tie-down straps, Ashley tells Henry to put the man in the SHU to let her mom deal with him as she wants to go take a shower.

Henry does as he's told, but unfortunately for Henry, the man was only faking being asleep. After Henry removed the man's restraints and was on his way out of the cell, the man disarms him, and forces Henry to take him on a tour of the Sanctuary.

1x02 Druitt stuns Henry

They eventually reach Henry's small tech lab located just off to the side of the main area of the sub-level. The man then forces Henry to disengage the EM shield. After the shield is down, the man then shoots Henry with his own energy weapon, stunning Henry unconscious.

1x02 Helen tends to Ashley's face

Meanwhile, Helen finds Ashley in the infirmary tending to her wounds. As Helen enquirers where she has been for the night as she inspects her facial injuries, Ashley describes her "bit of trouble" with a "super fast psychopathic dude" and gets her mother's absolute attention. When Helen worriedly asks "How fast?", her daughter's further descriptors of "pretty hot moves for a tall guy" and "he had a great accent too, kinda like yours, only more evil" immediately sets her off. Helen then tells Ashley to stay in the infirmary, but as she rushes out the room Ashley runs right after her very confused.

Down in the sub-level, Will and Bigfoot find Henry on the floor of his lab, wondering what just happened to him.

1x02 Helen tells Ashley of the threat Druitt poses

Upstairs, Helen with Ashley hot on her heels, hurriedly enters her study and goes straight over to her computer station (presumably to check the status of the EM Shield and or to also search the security camera feeds for the man in the building). Helen tells Ashley to to grab whatever weapons she can, but Ashley refuses to do so until her mother tells her what the problem is. Helen explains that the man Ashley brought in earlier tonight will kill them both and had allowed himself to be captured.

1x02 Ashley and Helen suprised by Druitt

Just as Helen tells her they may have only moments before he finds them, the man teleports into the office, shocking both women at his sudden presence. As the man and Helen greeting each other by name, Ashley gives her mother a confused look and asks her "You know this ghoul?" to which John says that they 'go way back'. John then teleports behind Ashley, grabbing her sharply by her arms, making her cry out in pain. Helen pleads with him to not harm her, as John laments about his troubled and lonely past. During this moment, Ashley struggles and fails to release herself from his tight grip, calling out to her mom, begging her to shoot him.

1x02 Helen searches for Ashley

Before Helen can act, Druitt then teleports with Ashley out of the room, leaving a severely shaken Helen to desperately search for her daughter through the camera feeds on her computer.

1x02 Druitt puts Ashley in the enclosure

Druitt and Ashley rematerialize down in the SHU in the enclosure that holds the same species of large humanoid lizard creature that killed Will's mom (it may potentially be the exact same one). Realizing where she's at, Ashley begs Druitt "Please don't do this" as he leaves her in imminent danger. Druitt is seen giving a faint kiss to the back of Ashley's head just as he teleports away.

1x02 Druitt with monkey skull

Back in Helen's study, her search through the camera feeds is disrupted with John's return. Helen demands to know where her daughter is at, to which Druitt eventually tells her "where the worst of the worst" are kept, upsetting Helen. The two of them then go back-and-forth about what's happening and why. John is using Ashley as leverage to get Helen to cure him with a sample of her blood. Though this conversation, the audience learns that John is Ashley's estranged biological father. John is upset that Ashley clearly doesn't know that he is, to which Helen defends her position, saying "How could I possibly tell her?". When Helen tells him that Ashley thinks her father is dead, John gets into a rage, only tempering slightly when he sees the camera feed on the monitor over Helen's shoulder.

1x02 Helen sees Ashley in danger

As Helen turns around, on the computer screen she can see the lizard creature approaching Ashley in its enclosure. Helen then secretly taps a few keys to enter a command that lowers the screens in the sub-level, getting the attention of Henry, Will, and Bigfoot to Ashley's potentially deadly predicament.

1x02 Bigfoot, Will, and Henry

In the SHU enclosure, as the creature gets within a few feet of her, Ashley bolts up the wall behind her, grabbing at a railing to try to kick the glass filter cover off an enclosure light. Unfortunately, the creature knocks her down before she can, and then slashes at her throat. Just then, Will and Bigfoot enter the enclosure as the still partially stunned Henry is sent to go find Magnus. Bigfoot attacks the creature as Will goes over to a semi-unconscious Ashley. Bigfoot's fight against the creature doesn't last long as Bigfoot gets slashed in the abdomen, leaving Will the only person still standing. Will then notices the partially removed light cover overhead and a busted enclosure pipe.

1x02 Helen loads the syringe

Upstairs, Helen puts a wooden box on her desk. When she opens it, she reveals several vials of blood and a syringe. She then takes a vial, and loads the contents into the syringe and then hands the syringe over to Druitt, claiming it was a pure centrifuged sample of her blood. John then takes the syringe and injects its contents into his vein, telling Helen "You won't regret it". Helen can only give him a smile as she responds "I'm sorry I can't say the same for you" as she had lied about the sample, giving him one that wasn't pure, but instead tainted with a poison. John then tells her the rest of "The Five" will come before teleporting out of the Sanctuary. Helen then runs off to the SHU.

1x02 Lizard creature

In the enclosure, Will then grabs a busted pipe and breaks it off from its base to jab the creature and to hit the light filter off. The unfiltered light is harmful to the creature's skin, making it rush off in pain into the back of the enclosure through thick foliage. Magnus and Henry then come through the door; Helen takes Ashley from Will as Will and Henry grab Bigfoot and put him on a gurney. The group then makes their way to the infirmary.

1x02 Ashley and Will in the hallway

Presumably the morning of the next day, Ashley stops Will in the hallway outside her bedroom as he passes by with some flowers. She thanks him for saving her life and asks if they'd be seeing him around (wanting to know if he's permanently joining the team). Will isn't sure, but Ashley gives credit to her mother to hopefully help sway his decision into staying. She also informs Will that the Big Guy is allergic to the flowers he's holding as she turns to walk in the direction towards her mother's study. Will then thanks her and turns back around to continue on his way, leaving the flowers in a vase at the end of the hallway.

1x02 Will and Bigfoot

Will is then seen sitting at the side of Bigfoot's bed, admitting his fears and how things have changed for him in the last day; how only two days ago, Bigfoot was a source of nightmares but not anymore, and that maybe monsters don't exist. Bigfoot then summons the strength to tell Will that that isn't true, that there is such as thing as monsters.

1x02 Will talks with Magnus

Up in Helen's study, Helen is sitting at her desk writing in her journal as Will stops by to say goodbye. Before he goes, he confronts her with questions relating to the night his mother died in the early 1980s, and to a John Druitt in the late 1880s, confounding him about how it is possible for Helen to be involved in both situations; deducing that either one of both of them could travel through time, or that they are over a hundred years old. Helen then cuts him off to outright admit that she is 157 years old and provides details about her involvement with John being her first patient. Magnus then thinks back to the time she tried to stop him from killing Molly and failed to shoot John, only grazing his cheek (providing the audience the answer to how he got his scar). Will then figures out that Druitt was not only just her patient, but also her former lover and is Ashley's father. Helen then admits that she kept the embryo frozen for almost a century until she could bare the loneliness no longer; bringing the embryo to term when she thought that John was gone for good. Will then agrees to stay as part of the team on the condition that she doesn't hide any more stuff from him as he's still trying to get over the lie surrounding his mother's death. Helen then smiles and welcomes him on the journey of a lifetime, saying "Shall we begin?"

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Part I

Part II

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Background, Notes, and Trivia Edit

  • Helen's age of 157 years old places this episode and the beginning of Season One within the time frame of August 27th, 2007 and August 27th, 2008; using her birthday as bookends. This indicates that the events of 1x01-1x02 took place anywhere from several months prior to possibly more than a year before the double episode air date of early October 2008.
  • Part I is the re-shot version of webisodes 1 & 2
  • Part II is the re-shot version of webisodes 3 & 4
  • Before disappearing John mentions "The Five... The others will come", foreshadowing the events of Episode 1x07.

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