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Robin Dunne

Robin Dunn
at Comic Con 2008

Robin Dunne (born November 19, 1976) is a Canadian actor who plays Dr. Will Zimmerman on Sanctuary. He also played Barney in "Webisode 4" and Capt. Jack Zimmerman in Episode 3x17 - "Normandy".

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and attended The Etobicoke School of the Arts. He was once married to actress Heidi Lenhart.


List of Appearances

  • Webisodes 1-8 (as Will Zimmerman, as Barney in Webisode 4)
  • Season 1 (as Will Zimmerman)
  • Season 2 (as Will Zimmerman)
  • Season 3 (as Will Zimmerman, as Jack Zimmerman in 3x18)
  • Season 4 (as Will Zimmerman)


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