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Pax Romana

Henry and Will in Praxis.

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37 3x11 Three
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April 15, 2011
June 7, 2011 FlagIcon UK small
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"Pax Romana" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Sanctuary.

Synopsis Edit

The team's struggle in Hollow Earth continues; Adam steals a device that uses anti-matter, and the team is revived to help find him, while Helen must operate on a lava Abnormal.

Plot Edit

Opening scene Edit

Near the underworld city of Praxis, Adam Worth visits a physically restrained John Druitt in a dungeon, and informs him that Helen Magnus and her team have been executed. Druitt does not take his words for granted, and learns that Adam plans to lead Hollow Earth's lower inhabitants in an uprising. Adam leaves, letting two dangerous-looking abnormals armed with blades loose on Druitt.

Act I Edit

Helen Magnus is resurrected in the very chamber where she and the others were executed. Fallon, chief council of Ranna Seneschal, greets her and gives her something to counter the effects of her recent experiences; she also informs her that Ranna and the Senate have questions for her. Magnus is brought before the leader of Praxis, who tells her that Gregory Magnus has disappeared after abandoning a life as a respected citizen of the city and breaking their sacred laws by infiltrating the Avatar Chamber. Ranna also informs her that the society of Hollow Earth has existed for thousands of years with the one goal to maintain order and peace above and below the surface of the planet.

Magnus asks Ranna about Kali, but Ranna refuses to answer, ordering Fallon to return the prisoner to the execution chamber and reverse the revival process. Magnus, however, overwhelms the chief council easily and tells Ranna at gunpoint that she obviously needs the surface dwellers' help.

Meanwhile, Adam overcomes a number of guards, stating simply that it is "nice to be back where I belong".

Helen is brought to a command center where Ranna introduces her to Commander Juno Toland, the head of Praxis' security. He is hostile toward her, but Ranna calms him down. She then tells Magnus that she had tried in vain to communicate with Kanaan, one of the hyperspecies abnormals who form the Avatar Council. He usually helps the city with its geothermal energy production by controlling the magma pockets below it. If they cannot reach him soon, the erupting lava will destroy all life both in Hollow Earth and on the surface.

Act II Edit

Ranna and Fallon show Helen a holographic representation of Kanaan's actual form; he is a huge, fish-like creature, over a thousand years old and now suffering from an unknown illness. Thanks to her long experience with Abnormals, Magnus needs only moments to point out what is wrong with him. She then has her team revived, informs them about the impending danger, and says that they must all try to help.

Back in the command center, Will learns that Fallon is normally responsible for communicating with Kali, and the two begin to compare their experiences. Meanwhile, the rest of the team begins to work on a cure for Kanaan. Magnus also discovers that it was Ranna who convinced Kanaan to save Asia from Kali's deadly tidal wave.

At the same time, Adam enters a locked vault, stealing a number of weapons components.

Will learns from Fallon that Praxis was founded by an early race of humans after a long war against the vampires, and that it has seen nothing but progress while the rest of humanity suffered through wars, catastrophes, and the dark ages.

Ranna wants to take a mixed team on a mission to find and save Kanaan, but Will insists that they first receive the means to cure Helen's radiation poisoning. Afterwards, they begin their journey through the labyrinths of Hollow Earth.

Will learns that after his arrival, Adam began to experiment with time dilation, eventually causing a terrible accident with hundreds of deaths. He was executed, but someone revived him a few months ago. Will also analyses Adam's behaviour, believing him to seek a way to be remembered for doing the impossible.

In the labyrinths, the team encounters an Abnormal spider that is easily overcome, and moments later, Gregory Magnus appears and greets his daughter.

Act III Edit

Gregory explains that he learned of Adam's escape and saw the need to inform Helen. He also tells them that he already tried the treatment they created on Kanaan -- to no effect. However, Helen concludes that the hyperspecies abnormal has been infected by a parasite, and that they must operate on him to remove it and save him.

Back in Praxis, Henry has detected an interference that could be Adam, and Fallon orders a team to investigate. They soon corner him in a dark street, but he is protected by a group of the camouflage-using Abnormals he previously sent to scan Will's brain.

Magnus and Ranna enter the magma chamber where the ill Kanaan rests in a lake of molten rock. When they begin to operate on his back, causing him to straighten himself, almost making Ranna fall into the magma lake.

Act IV Edit

Magnus is able to save Ranna, and they begin to operate on Kanaan, and are able to remove the parasite. Magnus throws it into the magma, killing it instantly.

Meanwhile, Henry has discovered that Adam was tampering with an enourmously powerful energy source, and that he had likely returned to retrieve the parts he needs to complete it. Will and Henry confront Commander Toland, who finally tells them that the device in question uses antimatter and is extremely dangerous. Will concludes from the fact that this is not mentioned in Adam's criminal record that the system has been hacked, a deed that could only be done by Ranna -- or someone who could mimick her biometric security clearance. Will realizes that the only person capable of doing this is Fallon.

On their way back from Kanaan's chamber, Magnus and the others are trapped by a tunnel collapse.

Act V Edit

Ranna programs the emergency elevator to crush a way through the debris, while Fallon arrives at the room where Adam has just retrieved the antimatter device. She has made a deal with him to use it to save Praxis without help from Kanaan. He taunts her about her goals being too humble, stuns her, and leaves.

Magnus and the others arrive back in the streets of Praxis. She and her team confront Adam, but he escapes in a transport module. However, when it reaches its destination, and the doors open, Adam finds himself before a brutally injured but alive and seething John Druitt, who tells him that they have "unfinished business".

The team watches the transport module return; it contains only the stolen device, and a message written on the floor in blood: All Debts Paid In Full. John

Some time later, Ranna thanks Helen, but informs her that the senate has yet to approve contact with "surface dwellers". Having been fully reinstated, Gregory has agreed to stay in Praxis as humanity's ambassador to Hollow Earth. He promises his daughter to contact her as soon as possible, to which she responds by asking him to be less cryptic than the last time.

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This is the first episode to air in 2011; in the pause since "Hollow Men", Sanctuary had been renewed for a fourth season.

Bigfoot does not appear in this episode.

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