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The Old City Sanctuary

The Old City Sanctuary was the headquarters of the Sanctuary Network, located in Old City on Grayson Street.[1] The facility was run by Dr. Helen Magnus herself; being its primary House Head.

It was a huge complex built in a neogothic architectural style. It housed a number of comfortable guest rooms as well as individual cells for the more dangerous of its inhabitants.[1]


Helen Magnus founded the Old City Sanctuary at some point in time during the span of 39 years between her ill-fated voyage to America aboard the Titanic in April 1912 [2] and when Bigfoot was shot in 1951.[3] She created it to serve as her new home and main base of operations for the Network while Dr. James Watson was left in charge of the Original Sanctuary back in London.[4]

For the next several decades, the Sanctuary housed many Abnormal inhabitants and staffers, and served as a refuge from the dangers of Old City and the rest of hostile world.


Old City Falls

The end of the Old City Sanctuary.

In early-2012 the Old City branch was invaded by group members of the Abnormal Insurgency, led by Caleb. Helen Magnus was able to defeat them, but also triggered the self-destruction of the facility in order to go into hiding at the new Underground Sanctuary. The Old City facility was completely destroyed by a number of huge explosions. Its fiery end could be observed even from skyscrapers on the other side of the river in New City.[5]

During her preparation just prior to the destruction of the building, Helen Magnus had removed all of the Sanctuary's data from its computer system's, likely moving it all to the Network's secure off-site cloud that was mentioned in Episode 4x09 - "Chimera".

The auto-destruct program was located on the computer system under: *\PORT1\DRIVE3\SYSTEM\SECURITY*\PLANS\A1.HTF4





These are people / Abnormals who have either visited and or also stayed over-night at the property.

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Property Layout

There are several featured areas in and around the Sanctuary property. The mass majority are located within one of two prominent sections of the facility. Please explore the following two listed article pages for more details about what areas each section contains.


"Navigational Markers" Depending on which elevator or set of stairs characters use, it helps to orient the viewer on where the character is around the property.

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • Continuity Error: In part of the general grounds of the Sanctuary, in Episode 1x08 - "Edward", Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy" and Episode 2x06 - "Fragments" a "garden" with tall hedges and trees is featured. However, from aerial shots of the Old City Sanctuary, this location does not exist on or anywhere near the property. Same goes for the external perimeter fence Henry was working next to in Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana".
  • The side entrance Ashley Magnus and Henry Foss use in Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary For All, Part II" when they arrive in the van with an unconscious John Druitt is the exact same building loading area that was previously seen as part of the Old City Hospital as the Emergency Room entrance.
  • Speculation: Based on how fast and secretly all of the Abnormals in the Old City Sanctuary had been evacuated in Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary For None, Part II", especially out of the awareness of Nikola Tesla who himself had been present in the Main Lab before leaving to assist Henry to return not long later finding ALL of the enclosures empty, it is highly likely that Ashley (who is indeed alive and living at the Underground Sanctuary) had teleported them out. Being that Ashley grew up at this location and had intimate knowledge of its infrastructure and inhabitants as of early-2009, it is very plausible.
    • Note: Helen's fate at the moment of explosion is carefully not seen by viewers, potentially indicating that Ashley had returned one final time to grab her mother within the remaining seconds before the self-destruct occurred.

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