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Old City is where Dr. Helen Magnus' main Sanctuary is located. It is half of a huge metropolis with its own large police force.[1] [2]


Episodes that feature events / activities occurring somewhere within the city outside of the Old City Sanctuary include:

Web Series
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Episode 0x01 - "Webisode 1" Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I" Episode 2x04 - "Hero" Episode 3x04 - "Trail of Blood" Episode 4x02 - "Uprising"
Episode 0x02 - "Webisode 2" Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II" Episode 2x05 - "Pavor Nocturnus" Episode 3x05 - "Hero II: Broken Arrow" Episode 4x04 - "Monsoon"
Episode 0x03 - "Webisode 3" Episode 1x04 - "Folding Man" Episode 2x06 - "Fragments" Episode 3x07 - "Breach" Episode 4x05 - "Resistance"
Episode 0x04 - "Webisode 4" Episode 1x07 - "The Five" Episode 2x07 - "Veritas" Episode 3x09 - "Vigilante" Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming"
Episode 1x08 - "Edward" Episode 2x09 - "Penance" Episode 3x13 - "One Night" Episode 4x08 - "Fugue"
Episode 1x10 - "Warriors" Episode 3x14 - "Metamorphosis" Episode 4x10 - "Acolyte"
Episode 1x11 - "Instinct" Episode 3x15 - "Wingman" Episode 4x12 - "Sanctuary for None, Part I"
Episode 3x16 - "Awakening" Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary for None, Part II"
Episode 3x20 - "Into the Black"


  • In Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana", a locator device used by the Cabal Team Leader places Old City somewhere near the far western end of the boarder between Northwestern US (Washington) and Southwestern Canada (British Columbia).
  • A camera sequence at the very end of Episode 1x13 - "Revelations, Part II" indicates that Old City is located on the north side of a river near Vancouver, British Columbia. Across the river to the south is "New City", the other half of the metropolis full of modern high-rises and skyscrapers.
  • The creators and producers of the show intentionally left the specific location (country) of Old City to be ambiguous outside of the assumption that it is somewhat of a "subdivision" of Vancouver. Due to this, it is naturally assumed by viewers to be in Canada.
  • In Episode 4x05 - "Resistance" as Henry tracks the Captured Abnormal via GPS that was taken by SCIU, he specifically says that SCIU transported the Abnormal "across the border" reaffirming that Old City is indeed in Canada.
  • The city has a campanile among its building architecture; It is used as a landmark reference for Abnormal case locations.[3]
  • The city is not featured at all in: Episode 3x11 - "Pax Romana", Episode 3x17 - "Normandy", Episode 3x19 - "Out of the Blue", Episode 4x01 - "Tempus", and Episode 4x07 - "Icebreaker".
    • While the city itself is not visibly seen in Episode 1x05 - "Kush", Episode 1x09 - "Requiem", and Episode 3x12 - "Hangover", it can be considered represented via the presence of the Old City Sanctuary being shown in some capacity including as displayed on video conference screens.

International Cooperation

The United Nations and the U.N. Security Council are heavy players in the metropolis (especially Old City and the Fifth Ward specifically) during the Abnormal Insurgency. As the Sanctuary Network was in alliance with the United Nations (funded and fully backed by the British Government) between 1908[4] and early 2011, Dr. Helen Magnus had particular sway with the world's governments to let her control all of the Abnormal events / cases that happened around the globe, especially in 'her own backyard'. In early 2011, Magnus and Will could at least try to direct the actions of LDC (a private military force used by the U.N.), having them place their Abnormal holding camp on a large vacant lot that Magnus owned.[5] However, 3 weeks later the agreement between the Sanctuary and the U.N. broke when liaison Greg Addison tried to force the Sanctuary Network under the explicit control of the U.N. Security Council.[6] Due to this 'exile', it allowed for other agencies to get involved in 'Sanctuary affairs' around the city; the dealings with Abnormals and Abnormal threats.

While Canada is part of the U.N., it is only a temporary seat of the U.N. Security Council unlike the United States who is a permanent seat.[7] Due to the U.N. connection and the U.S. being a defining force behind it, it allows two U.S. agencies - the FBI and SCIU (a new Abnormal hunting division under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) - to infiltrate the metropolis, granting them jurisdictional power to act on Canadian grounds. The agencies set up a joint task force operations base in the FBI's field office in a high-rise building in New City which is located almost directly across the river from the Old City Sanctuary; giving them line-of-sight of the property.

Of this joint task force, Abby Corrigan (FBI) and Dr. Will Zimmerman (Former FBI) were brought under the management of SCIU. Due to Will's connection with the Sanctuary, Greg Addison had reactivated him as an FBI agent in the hopes to get close to Helen Magnus due to her apparent affiliation with Caleb. Magnus, however, sent Will away to work with SCIU (the only legal option) and locked him out of the Sanctuary; preventing him from returning. Will had to resort to using his SCIU credentials to blackmail Capt. Franklin (a former colleague of his) of the OCPD with high connections to the city's Mayor's office to set up a false meeting to lure Dr. Magnus out in the open to arrest her. As Dr. Magnus fled the scene of the ambush, Will made Capt. Franklin call for police backup. This interaction shows that SCIU has power over local (Canadian) law enforcement, to force them into acting against their long-standing relationship with Helen Magnus. They unfortunately have to comply as the U.N. Security Council had 'blacklisted' the Sanctuary Network, practically barring anyone from working with and or aiding the network and its leader Helen Magnus; considering it a 'federal offense' if someone does so.



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