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A pair of Nubbins

Nubbins are a species of small, furry rainforest dwelling Abnormals with the ability to cloak themselves. Scientific name is Nubina atelerix.


They are cute, brown, round and hairy creatures, that breed faster than rabbits, with a well developed camouflage system, that makes them invisible. In small groups they're fairly docile, but with large enough numbers they can easily kill much larger predators. Ashley Magnus named the creatures after their discovery.

Nubbins have an extremely short reproductive cycle of only a few hours and it takes less than a day for newborns to reach adulthood and sexual maturity. Also, nubbins give birth to litters of over a dozen. It's because of this rate of metabolic growth nubbins have ravenous appetites. To aid this, they have extremely powerful jaws, capable of easily chewing through metal.

Nubbins have scent glands that release pheromones that not only increase their own reproductive cycles, but also increase the reproduction of other species in their habitat. It's for this reason nubbins seem to reproduce so quickly and why they were common wedding gifts. 

Cold temperatures depress nubbins' growth and reproduction cycles.

Nubbins behave with a hive mentality like bees and communicate through the use of ultrasonic sound waves.


There are several legends about nubbins in equatorial rainforest cultures where they're highly prized as symbols of fertility and bountiful harvest. In some societies they were common wedding gifts to promote happy marriage; when they turn invisible it's seen as a warning of coming danger.

In Episode 1x06 - "Nubbins", Magnus received a message from Eric, abnormal hunter and personal friend, that he had captured "something they've never seen before" and to meet his ship at the dock. When Eric never arrived, Magnus and the other searched for his ship and found it floating in the ocean. They went aboard only to find Eric and his entire crew dead and half eaten. They found the two nubbins and their predator in the ship's cargo hold and brought all the creatures back to the Sanctuary with them. It unknown if it was the nubbins or their predator that killed Eric and his crew as Magnus found DNA from both creatures on the bodies.

After the nubbins arrived at the Sanctuary, they immediately began reproducing. Eventually, the nubbins escaped from their cell by chewing through the ventilation grate. The nubbins quickly ate all the food in the entire Sanctuary and continued to increased their numbers to the point where they infested every section of the Sanctuary even in the air vents and computer servers. Magnus began to worry that if the nubbins escaped from the Sanctuary, they'd swarm the entire city. 

In an attempt to capture all the nubbins at once, they released the nubbin's predator hoping the it'd drive the nubbins out in the open and herd them together. However, the nubbins overwhelmed their predator and literally ripped it to pieces. 

It was then Will remembered that the cargo hold they found nubbins in was refrigerated and inferred that the nubbins must've escaped on the boat because the temperature control system malfunctioned. They were finally able to catch all the nubbins by flushing them out by re-creating their distress call and then paralyzing them with fire extinguishers. As long as the temperature in the nubbin's cell is kept low, the nubbins are harmless. 

Blat nubbin

Nubbin Blaster

A nubbin named Damian (supposedly a reference to the writer/producer/creator Damian Kindler) was later used as a test subject for Tesla and Foss' weapon to disarm Ashley and the other super soldiers after they injected it with some of Tesla's blood, as it was the closest thing they had to the Source Blood.[1]

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Magnus described them as "furry locust" after they ate all the food in the Sanctuary.

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