The Sanctuary Network
The Sanctuary Network

Meg is a person who works in the intensive care unit of the Hospital. She is Dr. Will Zimmerman's former girlfriend.


Web Series

Episode 0x01 - "Webisode 1"

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Season 1

Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I"

Meg and Will were in a committed relationship for at least two years, living together at Will's apartment. However, they broke up shortly before Will was recruited into the Sanctuary Network, and Meg moved out of the apartment.

Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana"

Will later called her from the Old City Sanctuary to hear if she was well. Meg was concerned because he seemed to have disappeared completely, but was happy to hear that he enjoyed his new job and could finally sleep well. Based on how "good" he sounded, she suspected Will to have a new girlfriend, and hung up on him.

Season 3

Episode 3x15 - "Wingman"

When Abby Corrigan asked him about his past relationships, Will told her about Meg, as well as about Clara Griffin.


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