General Villanova with the LDC logo in the background


LDC headquarters by night

The Lotus Defense Corps, or LDC, is a private security firm that specializes in dealing with abnormals.

They were charged with managing the crisis surrounding a time dilation field in the city of Carentan in northern France. It is a secretive organization, whose agents do not use name tags and do not reveal their names to anyone.[1]

The Sanctuary team was introduced to the LDC's leader, General Villanova, some time later when a group of abnormals from Hollow Earth arrived on the surface in South Dakota. Lotus troops were charged with taking the "newcomers" to a provisional military base near Old City.[2]

Dr. Will Zimmerman of the Sanctuary Network and his girlfriend Abby Corigan of the FBI later discovered that LDC was actually planning an "abnormal final solution", in which most abnormals would be eredicated and those that could be useful for scientific and military purposes would be taken in for illegal experimentation.[3]

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