Sanctuary One Lophelia

Lophelia as seen from Sanctuary One

The Lophelia was the ship aboard which Eric returned to Old City to deliver a pair of nubbins and the Nubbin's Predator.

However, he and the crew were killed before reaching the harbor.[1] Dr. Helen Magnus and her team arrived aboard the helicopter Sanctuary One soon afterwards to investigate what had happened. Once on board, they discovered the dead crew as well as the nubbins and the predator, the latter of which trief to attack them but was stunned before he could do any harm.[2]

Out of Universe Context

The model used for the Lophelia is an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer, a class of warship currently in use by the United States Navy.

Notes and References

  1. It remains unclear if the nubbins or the predator are responsible for their deaths.
  2. Episode 1x06 "Nubbins"
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