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Kali, Part II

Big Bertha rises.

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26 2x13 2
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January 15th, 2010
January 18th, 2010 FlagIcon UK small
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"Kali, Part II" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Sanctuary, and the twenty-sixth episode overall in the series.


Magnus starts to put the shocking details together surrounding Will’s visions of Kali, his illness and his connection to the most powerful Abnormal on Earth.


Opening Sequence

In the Mumbai Sanctuary, Dr. Will Zimmerman is in a bad condition due to his severed connection to the Macri. Magnus is in doubt as to whether it was the right decision to keep Big Bertha alive. Kate Freelander observes that Magnus' hunch concerning Bertha's link to the Earths ecosystem seems to be exactly right.

Act I

Magnus and Kate contact Henry Foss aboard the Sanctuary Network's lead search ship, and determine that someone collected and then connected all the historical and mythological data necessary to find Big Bertha, and that they must in turn try to find that person.

On his ship in the Indian Ocean, Edward Forsythe contacts Big Bertha, while Will experiences another vision of Kali, who asks him to come to her. He follows her through the vision, but suddenly wakes up in pain. He tells Magnus to help her "find her" and says something in Hindi. At the same time, Forsythe has a vision of a temple that Will had experienced earlier, but cannot see Kali. Rheka refuses to help him, but he believes he can make the abnormal cause the actual end of days from the bible.

Act II

In the streets of Mumbai, Kate encounters the young boy who was with Rheka, while more and more abnormals all over the world run amok. The young boy arrives with Kate and explains that Will is still connected to Kali, and that he will be able to control her if he can "dance for her".

Terrance Wexford arrives and informs her that a rising number of house heads are rethinking their position concerning both Big Bertha and Magnus' authority.

Henry discovers that Edward Forsythe has bought numerous artifacts in the past years and seems to be the one behind the hunt for Big Bertha. However, as he is one of the richest men in the world, they do not understand his motives.

Forsythe orders "Phase Two" of his plans started. Will has another vision of Kali, who is now naked in a pool of water in the middle of her temple. She invites him to join her, and he explains that Forsythe is not her true herald. She leaves, however, and explains that he must "dance" to find her. Will then wakes up and leaves the Sanctuary.


Once again, a search for Will begins in the streets of Mumbai. Kate is getting more and more distressed, and Dr. Ravi Ganapathiraman explains that she must embrace her people's tradition of mutual respect. Meanwhile, Wexford tries to convince Magnus that her path is the wrong one; she has 72 hours to get the situation under control. Henry calls and explains that Forsythe is sending Bertha to a conversion point of three tectonic plates.

Forsythe has one of his men hit him with a magnetic pulse, causing Big Bertha to release a burst of energy into a seismic rift. In the streets of Mumbai, Will also realizes what happens.

Magnus makes plans to use a long-range acoustic weapon on Bertha in order to stun her; if this plan fails, she will have to be destroyed.

Act IV

In Mumbai, Kate tries the more "Indian" approach on asking for help and is soon successful in getting help from the natives. Will has more visions of Kali, as Bertha destabilizes the tectonic plates more and more. He begins to wander the streets screaming about the end of days.

Aboard the Sanctuary helicopter Talon, Magnus and Henry encounter a chain of volcanic islands that has not been there before: Forsythe makes Bertha create new land. Wexford has the Sanctuary ships in the area prepare to destroy the abnormal.

In Mumbai, Will finally begins to understand what Kali tried to tell him and begins to dance in the streets in a Bollywood-like way. A number of Indian dancers join him in the vision, although he actually dances alone. Kali appears to him again.

Forsythe's ship tries to shoot down Magnus' helicopter with missiles.

Act V

Talon deploys flares and the missiles detonate far from the helicopter. Henry then fires the acoustic weapon, temporarily paralyzing Forsythe and his minions.

Will finally has a direct connection to Kali and explains to her that millions of people will die if she proceeds with what Forsythe asks of her. She tells him that she just wants to be left alone.

Magnus tells the Sanctuary to retrieve Big Bertha, but Wexford secretly orders underwater charges to be deployed in order to kill the abnormal. Magnus tries to stop him, but is unsuccessful. In the vision, Kali is in pain and becomes angry, feeling that the humans have betrayed her.

Magnus wants Wexford arrested, but he tells her that she is relieved of command of the Sanctuary Network, effective immediately. Just when Forsythe awakens aboard his ship, an angry Big Bertha rises to the surface, emitting a massive shockwave that causes a Tsunami in the center of the Indian Ocean.


Series Regulars

Guest Starring
  • Vibhor Mathur [6] as Arjuna
  • Mike Miguel Hunus [7] as Lead Goon / Jax
  • Ian Neeson [8] as Captain
  • Suneil Samra [9] as Crew Member
  • Almeera Jiwa [10] as Dancer

Notable Quotes

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • When Kali is seen in the pool, she initially has her arms up on the sides and the reflection makes it appear like she has 4 arms. The traditional images of Kali usually show her with 4 or more arms.
  • In the establishing shot for Research Vessel Antardis, the location is given as 60 degrees longitude, 12 degrees latitude. Since there are both east and west longitude values, and north and south latitude values the coordinates given could indicate any of four different places. Being that the episode takes place not too far off the western coast of India, the coordinates should be 60 degrees east longitude, 12 degrees north latitude.
  • Character Error: When reviving Will after his rescue, Dr. Ravi says that, "His organs are going into systematic failure." He should have said, "systemic failure".

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