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Will and Abby sing their feelings.

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54 4x08 4
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November 25th, 2011
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"Fugue" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Sanctuary, and the fifty-fourth episode overall in the series.


A mysterious abnormal attacks, and Magnus and Will discover there is only one way to communicate with this unusual enemy, through music.


Opening Sequence

The team has cornered a violent humanoid abnormal with a naturally armored body in the Sanctuary; the creature throws Dr. Will Zimmerman through a wall, and resists the others' attempts to stun it. Dr. Helen Magnus gets an upgraded stun weapon from the armory and is able to take the abnormal down. As Will drops a blanket over it, it returns to its original form -- Abby Corrigan.

Act I

Abby is taken to a secure isolation room, and Will mentions that this is the third transformation she has been through in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Henry Foss and Abby's partner at the FBI, Agent Gavin Crealy, search the site of the first incident.

Magnus suggests to Will that he has to find a way to keep Abby close to the real world and the people who care about her. He sits watch at his girlfriend's bed for two days, but there are no changes. When Declan MacRae arrives, he puts on some music, causing Abby to instantly wake up and demand to know what is going on—in a singing voice. Will and Declan try to talk to her, but she can only communicate by singing.

Act II

Magnus discovers that Abby's brain is undergoing changes that cause her to be able to understand the harmonic frequencies of singing, but not those of normal speech. They are able to establish a dialogue with by singing to her, and ask her what happened. She cannot remember what happened to her, and is getting weaker.

Henry and Gavin have made no progress. Henry decides to talk to the local Red List dealers, but just at that moment Gavin finds something on his scanner. They identify a thermal residue that leads them to a slimy cocoon.

Back in the Sanctuary, Magnus identifies the cocoon as similar to that of a Galvernic Blood Tic, which often pairs up with other organisms. She deduces that Abby was purposely infected by Hollow Earth insurgents to see if the Sanctuary team would be able to counter the effects.

In the infirmary, Will tries to sing in order to be able to communicate with Abby. When Gavin arrives, Will angrily accuses him of letting his partner down, and tells him there is no way to make this right.

Some time later, Abby wakes up and identifies Will. However, when he calls her Abby, she gets up and reveals to be the parasite who has taken control of her. Singing to him, she quickly overwhelms him and tries to seduce him, but Magnus and Declan arrive just in time to sedate her.


Henry checks up on Will and convinces him to take a break. He later sings a folk song to Abby for comfort.

Magnus arrives in the main lab, where Declan has set up a video conference with a number of House Heads and Richard Feliz. They start to complain about a number of difficulties related to the global networks change in relations to the United Nations. To Magnus' shock, everyone suddenly starts to sing.

The team continues to work on Abby's case, but apparently to no effect. Will wakes up from his sleep, and discovers that Abby has disappeared. He finds her at the Sanctuary's rooftop, ready to jump. He finally overcomes his shyness and sings to her in order to make her return to safety. In the song, he confesses to her that he loves her and that he thinks she is the love of his life. She answers that she loves him too, and jumps off the wall.

Act IV

A shocked Will watches as Abby falls. However, halfway down, she once again transforms into the mysterious armored abnormal, and lands safely. Before she can get away, Magnus stuns her once more.

Magnus scans Abby's brain again, discovering that her brain is already undergoing permanent changes. Will is unwilling to give her up, and so is Magnus. She goes to the library to investigate further, and has a vision of her father singing to her. She remembers a theory of his about the origin of abnormal species, which suggests that abnormals are created when a being's DNA violently tries to differ itself from the rest of the gene pool, becoming something new and unique.

Magnus figures out one possible solution to Abby's "disease"; they could implant a Giant Salamander parasite larva into her body to attract the mutant DNA to an even more malleable host. However, that creature would evolve rapidly and eventually fight its ways out of Abby's body, possibly killing her.

Act V

Will is afraid of the consequences, but Magnus is adamant in her decision to use the procedure. Both leave, not noticing Gavin, who overheard the whole conversation.

Henry and Declan take Will to a holding cell to keep him from interfering. However, Gavin stuns Henry some time later and frees Will.

Magnus and Declan are in the process of performing the operation; the advanced salamander larva breaks through her abdomen, wounding Abby seriously.

Act VI

While Magnus and Declan try their best to revive Abby, Will has to watch helplessly, and sings a soft "just stay". Eventually, Abby's pulse comes back.

Some time later, Will comes to see Abby in one of the guest rooms where she is recovering. She remembers what he told her on the roof, and considers their relationship "disaster-proof" now. Will counters that he can handle anything, as long as he doesn't have to sing.

Finally, Will and Magnus have to talk. She asks him to be truthful, and he admits to being angry about the way she went over his head. She explains that she chose him as her protegé exactly because he would not compromise about the things he believed in, and that she is very proud of him.


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Guest Starring

Soundtrack Credits

"Why Can't I Understand You?"
Written by Damian Kindler and Andrew Lockington
Performed by Pascale Hutton

"Have I Become A Monster"
Written by Damian Kindler and Andrew Lockington
Performed by Amanda Tapping and Pascale Hutton

"I'm The Thing You Fear The Most"
Written by Damian Kindler and Andrew Lockington
Performed by Pascale Hutton, Robin Dunne

"The Parting Glass"
Performed by Ryan Robbins

"The Conference Call"
Written by Damian Kindler and Andrew Lockington
Performed by Robert Lawrenson, Carlo Rota, Anjali Jay, Conrad Coates and Amanda Tapping

"Please Just Let Me Go"
Written by Damian Kindler and Andrew Lockington
Performed by Robin Dunne and Pascale Hutton

"Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid"
Written by Jim Byrnes
Performed by Jim Byrnes

Notable Quotes

GAVIN: I say we do a door-to-door canvassing of the neighborhood. Someone's got to have seen or heard something.

HENRY: If someone saw something, it would be headline news. Most abnormals are pretty good at staying out of sight.

GAVIN: Yes, we're dealing with monsters, but the basic tenets of detective work still apply here...

HENRY: [Impatiently] Dude!

GAVIN: Sorry. I said the "M" word. Please don't werewolf on me.

HENRY: HAP. Hyper-accele... Never mind. Scan the area. Full spectrum.

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Deleted Scene: Scene 27 "Queen Of Analogue"

Deleted Scene: Scene 31 "Trust Your Instincts"

HELEN: Agent Calver. Is everything alright?

GAVIN: Oh, you betcha. How is she?

HELEN: Honestly, I don't know. But we've lots of road left, so chin up. Look, why don't you go to the kitchen. Help yourself to whatever you'd like. I think there's a nice pot roast in there that Henry made a few days ago. Or, or, use one of the guest rooms if you need to rest.

GAVIN: That's very kind, but I think I'm just gonna... ...sit here and... ...not... ...touch... ...anything.

HELEN: Agent Calver.

GAVIN: Gavin.

HELEN: Gavin. None of this is your fault. No one could have known what you and Abby were actually walking into.

GAVIN: Again, it's very kind. But I completely disagree. You would have, Will, Henry for sure would have totally sensed something. Me, I, I didn't even know there were super powered creatures roaming the Earth until two months ago. Let alone insurgents. Henry's right. I'm a by-the-book kinda guy and that simply does not work in the world of... ...abnormals.

HELEN: You sound rather like me when I started out. When my father handed me the mantle to his life's work, the original Sanctuary, I wanted to do it very differently from him. Create stricter protocols, more definitive guidelines for how we do everything.

GAVIN: And how'd that work for ya?

HELEN: Horribly. Because in order to do anything well you have to trust your instincts completely. I learned that making a decision you regret is far better than the alternative.

GAVIN: Which is?

HELEN: To do nothing. That is the worst crime of all. I believe Will put it best from some sports film he loves so much. "Don't think, Meat. Just pitch."

GAVIN: [laughs]

HELEN: I really have to get back to work. Do try the pot roast. It's quite good.

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • This is Sanctuary's first musical episode. Music and lyrics were done by series creator Damian Kindler and composer Andrew Lockington.
  • When Henry and Gavin are at the alley site, the scene opens with an in-joke on a Bakery sign: Kindler, Tapping and Woods are advertised with a splash screen of "Nice Buns". These are the names of the three executive producers including series creator Damian Kindler, leading actress Amanda Tapping and director Martin Wood.
  • Henry sings 'The Parting Glass'. This Scottish song goes back to the 1600s, and nowadays is most popular in Ireland. Henry sang part of the contemporary version, which didn't appear till after the mid-1800s.
  • Continuity Error: Abby is put in a supposedly secure medical room. Characters are shown having to enter a code to enter or leave the room. But several times characters are shown entering / leaving without entering the code.
  • Pascale Hutton who plays Abby Corrigan is a trained opera singer.
  • Continuity Error: In Deleted Scene: Scene 31 "Trust Your Instincts", Helen mistakenly addresses Gavin as "Agent Calver" rather than as "Agent Crealy".

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