A Fire Elemental from Tunis held by the SS

UK fire elemental 01

The UK fire elemental attacks the superabnormals

Fire elementals are a type of abnormals, creatures of living fire that consume massive amounts of fuel, destroying everything in their path.

There are ancient Phoenician legends about a great firery beast that that they would unleash upon their enemies killing thousands.

In 1943, the SS found a Fire Elemental in a tomb below Tunis, and brought it to a secret facility in France to be used as a weapon against an Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. The Nazis were able to control the elemental and keep it calm using a weather machine that drew its power from the elemental itself. The Five were able to keep the creature from attacking the Allied fleet by forcing it underground with James Watson's weather machine.[1]

One such creature inhabited a capsule protected by the Sanctuary Network; it played a part in the defence of the UK Sanctuary against the Cabal's augmented abnormal soldiers. During the battle, the Sanctuary group attempted to disable Ashley Magnus and the other super soldiers with a weapon that Henry and Tesla had designed. When the weapon failed to produce the desired effects, Dr. Magnus ordered with regret for the local elemental to be released into the room Ashley and the other soldiers were locked in. The creature's fire burned them beyond recognition.

This was effective in defending the Sanctuary facility, as the elemental's powers were to much to bear for the super abnormals, forcing them to retreat. The only tradeoff was the substantial damage this caused to the building.[2]

Some time in late 2009, Dr. Magnus' friend Jimmy transported a Tunisian fire elemental in a small metal and glass container in his abdominal pouch. The creature was considered a nearly unlimited source of energy, and ways to harvest this energy were being worked out at the time.[3]

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The elemental the Five came upon in France is not the same one later held in the UK Sanctuary.

Also, when Magnus first saw that a Nazi commander's retinas were burned that's when she realized the Nazis had to be using a fire elemental to power their weather machine because only an elemental could cause that injury.

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