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Ernie Watts
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Ernest Watts
Ern (by Ashley)
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Ernie Watts is a male human arms dealer and hunter of Abnormals, as well as an acquaintance of Ashley Magnus.


In early-2008, Ashley met with him in a warehouse on the Eastside of Old City to buy some new weaponry; he wanted to convince her to work together more closely when they were suddenly attacked by John Druitt, who quickly incapacitated Ernie by hitting his chest with a morning star. After Druitt left with Ashley, Ernie recovered and informed Ashley's mother.[1]

A few days later, he provided incomplete information to Helen and Ashley, failing to notify them of the Keepers of the Dead (or just the sheer amount of them) protecting the crypt on the island in Scotland.[2]

Years later in early/mid-2011, Ernie delivered a Lepidoptera larva to the Sanctuary team. However, due to his use of a refrigerator instead of a proper cryochamber, the warmer temperature allowed the creature to undergo its final molt faster than expected, causing it to emerge as a fledgling adult prematurely which created quite a bit of trouble for the Sanctuary team who were initially on their way to Alfredo's for a double date. In the end, Ernie was willing to help them -- for the right price.[3]

Background, Notes, and Trivia

  • Ernie, who is played by Sanctuary director Peter DeLuise, is one of the characters that were removed when the webisodes were re-cut into the TV pilot "Sanctuary For All". Instead, Ernie was switched out for the duplicate character Sylvio Rudd who take his exact same place as an arms dealer injured by John Druitt while meeting Ashley.
  • In 2010 it was announced that the character had been "reinvented" to appear in the third season Episode 3x15 - "Wingman".

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