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Ashley Magnus

Ullerup as Ashley Magnus

Emilie Ullerup (born 27th October 1984) is a Danish-born Canadian actress, who played Ashley Magnus in the webisodes as well as the first sixteen episodes of the Sanctuary television series.


She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where her father worked for the Danish royal family.

Her first role was as Julia Brynn in "Battlestar Galactica" (2006).

The SyFy network decided to kill off Ullerup's character when they began filming Season 2. She had no knowledge of the decision until they returned for filming. In an interview she explains that she had no idea she was being killed off, and was sad to hear the news and the first few episodes of Season 2 she filmed were incredibly hard as she had to remain serious. She states that she was in tears during rehearsals and the directors told her she had to get it together because Ashley was supposed to have found peace. She believes there is hope that she will return and would love to come back in Season 3, but will not be back before then.

Meanwhile, Ullerup made a guest appearance in the "Smallville" episode "Crossfire".

A fan effort was underway to bring Ashley back as a regular character.[1] However, as of late 2011, there appear to be no plans on the part of the producers to do so. There were also rumors about her character returning in the canceled season five.


  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Sanctuary (Webisodes 1-8, Episodes 1-16)


  • 2008 Leo Award - Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Drama Series for her role as Kaitlin Joyce on JPod

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