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A Crixorum is a powerful type of humanoid telepathic Abnormal native to Hollow Earth.


Around the year 1800, the Praxians tried to wipe out the Crixorum race, even finding a way to neutralize their abilities by removing their Iduary Gland, a specialized organ in their brains.[1]

A Crixorum was believed to behind the Hollow Earth Invasion in 2011, controlling and coordinating the Abnormal armies who were surfacing from the three Caldera sites. One of the tips the Sanctuary Network used to track down the Crixorum is that the species are known to feed specifically on vibreo phosphorus bacteria found in the local lantern fish population sold at a food market in Jakarta. When Dr. Helen Magnus and Dr. Will Zimmerman went to find the Crixorum, they met a man named Wahid who pointed out a decoy Crixorum. When Dr. Magnus and Will were ready to confront the Crixorum, they had to listen to loud music in order to keep his mental ability from influencing them. Unfortunately, this was a misdirect that went terribly wrong, resulting in a shootout when a team sent by Greg Addison tired to intervene, resulting in the supposed Crixorum dying. Despite Wahid causing people to think someone else was the Crixorum, Dr. Magnus and Will were eventually able to capture him and put him in a specialized holding cell in the Old City Sanctuary.[2]

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