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The Cabalis Nocturnum, commonly known as the Cabal, is an ancient cult that traces back to Medieval Scotland.

It supposedly disappeared a century ago, but in fact operates behind the scenes, controlling banks and bio-tech firms that capitalize on the extraordinary mutations of abnormals.

History Edit

Mythological hints are given that the Cabalis Nocturnum originally formed as a secretive organization of knights who had fallen from King Arthur's grace and assisted Merlin in his battle against Morgan Le Fay in order to redeem themselves. They eventually gained control over the Morrigan, three powerful abnormal women originally in Morgan's service.

Fact is that the Cabal was originally founded in the Year 700 AD as a secret society of collectors that sent its
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agents into the world to capture ancient beings of power which included unique species of abnormals.

The organization was believed to have died out in the 19th Century, but had actually simply reformed and gone underground, whereupon it infiltrated various business organizations from biotech firms to companies to defense contractors, turning into a global world spanning organization with a great deal of power. When the Morrigan were recovered by the Sanctuary Network, the Cabal sent its agents to retrieve them. After a standoff, the Morrigan willingly accepted to return to the Cabal.[1]

They later discovered that a member of the Five, Nikola Tesla, was developing the means to recreate the vampire race and make it the dominant species on Earth once again. As this threatened their own goals for the world, the Cabal dispatched a military team to kill Tesla. However, the entire unit was killed by Tesla and his brood of vampires which he had created and served him.[2]

They were also responsible for the capture of Gregory Magnus and using he unwitting scientist in an attempt to create a race of abnormal super soldiers. Once this was complete, they wiped his mind, making him think he was a poor homeless wandering the streets. They used his aggressive abnormals in fighting rings to test their effectiveness for the future. The Cabal's Director of Logistics and Operations around this time was Dana Whitcomb.[3]

The Cabal was also responsible for the deployment of the Lazarus virus at Mount Logan in order to test its effects which were reported to have been better than the simulations. With Phase 1 of their plan complete, the Cabal hoped to deploy the pathogen in mass to decimate the world's abnormal population, but only after they gained the necessary immunity for their super soldiers which required use of the vampiric source blood. To help them in creating such an immunity, they managed to capture Ashley Magnus and alter her mind, making her a Cabal agent. Once she was rescued by her father, John Druitt of the Five, Ashley stole the source blood and handed it over to the Whitcomb.[4]

With the help of the source blood, Ashley was transformed into a powerful abnormal with the combined abilities of her mother, Dr. Helen Magnus, her father John Druitt, as well as vampire DNA, possibly taken from Nikola Tesla or even the source blood itself.[5] She was sent to a number of Sanctuaries by the Cabal, stealing information and destroying the facilities, but was finally stopped in the Old City Sanctuary by her mother and her team.[6]

After Ashley's death in the battle of the Old City Sanctuary, her father began to hunt down and kill the senior members of the Cabal one by one. Dana Whitcomb was able to elude him for a while, but he eventually found her as well.[7]

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