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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 3 August 2021

Discussions Now Available

Today (August 3rd, 2021) I had noticed that the "Discuss" tab in the top navigation bar was missing. I reached out to Fandom Support and they returned/enabled the feature.

I wanted to have this feature be available as its a centralized social page where fans could interact and put their input and ideas in a more "off-the-cuff" community interaction setting. Discussion topics can range from i.e. what you like about the show to feedback about this wiki itself.

X20ArchAngel09x (talk) (Contribs) 21:11, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 3 August 2021

Achievements Enabled

On July 23rd, 2021 I reached out to Fandom Support and requested for the Achievement feature to be enabled. I thought it would be something fun to have for everyone to help track and reward their editing progress.

Unfortunately, achievements are not unlocked retroactively (automatically unlocked from past activity). Only activity from the time of enabling the feature will count towards unlocking badges.

X20ArchAngel09x (talk) (Contribs) 20:51, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 2 August 2021

Legacy Design Retirement

As of this morning (August 2nd, 2021), I have received a dropdown notification informing me that the Legacy design (Oasis skin) will soon be retired as the new FandomDesktop experience has now reached full rollout.

For readers, this will not particularly affect you aside from an 'upgrade' in aesthetics. For editors however, there will be some slight impact in having to adjust to the minor changes to the editing features: such as tweaks to its UI and locations etc.

For myself, I personally prefer and am more comfortable with the Oasis skin. For this reason, I have been making as many large structural formatting changes as I can before the switch is completely permanent and I can't select otherwise.

I am currently not sure of how much more time…

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 1 June 2021

New FandomDesktop Experience

This morning I was given the opportunity by Fandom to opt-in to their new FandomDesktop experience as a Spring test run. This is a new phase of Fandom that's rolling out as part of their Unified Community Platform (UCP) migration process. The first stage (technical) has already taken place on this wiki, most notably adding mobile editing feature, and this new change is the second stage (visual).

All Fandom wikis will eventually be converted over to this new default desktop look. I decided to mark our wiki as being "ready" for this feature change, notifying Fandom, which puts this wiki on their list for the rollout process starting early this summer.

X20ArchAngel09x (talk) (Contribs) 15:11, 1 June 2021 (UTC)

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 19 December 2020

Mobile Editing Now Available

Since around the past half year or so ago, I have known about Wikia / Fandom migrating over to a new unified software platform. For the past few weeks I was notified that this wiki in particular would also be migrating. As of roughly 10:30pm tonight (just over a half hour ago), I received this notice:

Overall, with this new update comes not only an updated editing feature as well as aesthetic changes, but also the wonderful ability to now be able to edit while viewing the wiki on your smartphone devices. You can now edit while 'on the go', making it so that you don't always have to be tied to a PC desktop / tablet anymore to be able to contribute. :)

Happy editing, everyone!

--X20ArchAngel09x (talk) (Contribs) 04:06, 19 December 2020 (UTC)

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 9 December 2020

Site Material Chronological Reference Point

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been contributing to this wiki over this past year and also forward that on to all the potential new editors in the future who show interest in this show and website; all edits are very much appreciated.

The only thing I want to touch up on as a reminder is that all material on this site has a latest in-universe chronological reference point of the series finale which occurs in early-2012 (estimated months of January / February).

While it is tempting to update character's age's to the current date (December 2020), it doesn't actually work for this material as the information displayed here is fixed to what viewers have seen in the show and or also heard from official sources about it.

This show had…

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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 8 May 2020

Site Improvements

Updated: April 3rd, 2021

Changes being made are:

  • Aesthetic changes to pages to make them look better, for both desktop and mobile appearance.
    • Old navigation bars have been replaced with FANDOM's new navbox format.
    • Old infocard templates have been replaced with FANDOM's new portable infobox format.
    • Tables are being implemented to display large amounts of information more concisely.
    • Transcript pages are being reformatted to better distinguish dialogue from action descriptions.
  • Tabs on pages are being simplified and numbers reduced.
  • Added more substance to episode and character pages.
    • Adding background info under 'Notes Section'.
    • Adding photos / videos to 'Gallery'.
  • Maintaining redirects and fixing broken links.
  • Removal of fluff pages, including pages no…
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X20ArchAngel09x X20ArchAngel09x 21 February 2020

New Wiki Bureaucrat Admin

UPDATE: New wiki leadership / change of management. Due to a longtime absence of previous bureaucrats and admins, I have requested and successfully adopted this wiki. I am now the current active bureaucrat and admin on this site. If you have any needs, questions, comments, or concerns about anything you are always welcome to leave a new message on my talk page. I'll try to respond ASAP.

X20ArchAngel09x (talk) (Contribs) 20:42, February 21, 2020 (UTC)

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Zen shadow Zen shadow 16 October 2017

what do you love about the show

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 7 November 2011

Reaction to "Monsoon"

I'm fascinated by some of the hateful commentary on the web concerning the producers' decision to make Magnus bi. Kinda shocking to see how people can watch this show for years and say they love it, and obviously not get the message of tolerance and accepting those who are different at all. When I read this kind of shit it makes me wanna puke.

I think it's pretty obvious that someone who is a quarter of a millenium old would certainly have time to overcome heterosexuality... Fascinating how that turns into "jamming" something down the "normal people"'s throat...

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Femme-Elf Femme-Elf 7 November 2010

Sanctuary Network or The Sanctuary Network

If you're gonna rename Sanctuary Wiki. I think it should be The Sanctuary Network and not just Sanctuary Network. Just an idea.

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Fullmetal Fan Fullmetal Fan 16 October 2010


I'm watching Kali Part III right now and making edits on the fly. Anyone want to join me? It's about 21:43 Pacific Time on October 15 if you care (and I just saw Amanda Tapping in a commercial for Inner Space). Terrance is a even more of a jackass, by the way.

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Fullmetal Fan Fullmetal Fan 27 August 2010

One and Two

Guess who just bought both available seasons of Sanctuary off Amazon? Yay! Season Three, hurry and start, I want to see what happens with Big Bertha!!!!!!

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Animalfriend Animalfriend 21 January 2010

Dr. Drewett?

I was just thiking before that Drewett is the lone man out of the five. Out of all of the group he is the only member of the five not mentioned or implied to being a doctor. While they do saythat he was at Oxford they never say what he was there for.

Heres a list

Magnus- zoology and medicine

Tessla- mecanical and some biological degree

Watson- medical

Griffen- none satated but probably some chemestry degree like his book counter part

Drewett- ???

On top of that, Drew always struck me the brawn of the 5. Not to say he is not smart, he is clearly educated, but its like comparing the top of a high school scince class with the top students in a collage science class.

Any ideas??

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Conesa83 Conesa83 4 December 2009


How is it that Magnu's father has lived for so long? I get Magnus, Tesla, and Druitt. Also, what about watson and the invisible guy?

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