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Bhalasaam in its ancient glory

The ruins of the city in 2009

Bhalasaam was the last great city of the vampire civilization; being the original seat of the ancient culture of vampires rather than the highly popularized Romanian region of Transylvania that had become heavily perpetuated about vampires throughout modern human entertainment.


Hidden deep within the Indian Himalayas (one of the most inaccessible places on the planet), it served as a final refuge for the remnants of the vampire race who where being hunted almost to extinction by humans. The city and the labyrinth beneath it held the secrets of the vampire civilization's technology, such as geothermal power generation; harnessing electrical energy given off from the Earth's magnetic iron core.

Around the turn of the 20th century, a joint assault by French, Spanish and Russian forces managed to destroy the last of the vampires. After four days of constant bombardment, the once great city had been reduced to ruins and the vampire species was supposedly made completely extinct.

Near the end of the century, Gregory Magnus chose the ruins to hide the vial containing the unused portion of the Source Blood. To do this, he used the ancient vampire technology to set a series of personally attenuated tests so that only members of The Five could retrieve it while acting in consort. Gregory left strict instructions for the group that the vial should only be tapped for the most dire of circumstances.[1] [2]

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