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Bank Job
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29 3x03 Three
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October 29, 2010
November 2, 2010 FlagIcon UK small
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"Bank Job" is the third episode of the third season of Sanctuary, and the twenty-ninth regular episode in the total run of the series.

Plot Edit

The Sanctuary team are forced to stage a bank robbery after a routine mission to retrieve an Abnormal egg goes wrong.

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Magnus, Will, and Kate are in a small town to retrieve something from a bank deposit box. Magnus enters the bank's secure vault while Will and Kate wait outside. However, the deposit box has been broken open, with only some broken egg shells and a slimy substance left in it and on the walls. Magnus tells Kate and Will that the Abnormal has hatched, and that they have to keep everyone from leaving the building until they know who its host is. For lack of a better plan, Kate takes out her gun and stages a robbery.

Act I Edit

Magnus comes back to Will and Kate and after adopting an American accent she begins the usual robbery procedures of rounding up the hostages and taking their phones. The bank teller manages to trip the alarm before Kate catches him. Magnus shoots out one of the cameras while Henry hears the police response communications from his post outside.

After having the manager lock the doors Magnus has Kate turn on the air conditioning to slow the gestation of the creature.

Will tries to calm down all of the hostages and asks them to sit down. The elderly woman tells his she has to pee.

Magnus talks to Henry over the comms and explains that she must have missed the creatures birth by minutes due to the faulty air conditioning in the vault speeding up the incubation. Once the creature reaches maturity it will burst from the host, killing them in the process.

Will drags the bank manager into his office to access the banks security footage but the manager won't give up the password to his computer. Magnus estimates they have about 45 minutes until they can no longer extract the creature safely. Will attempts to glean the password from memorabilia inside the office.

Kate estimates they have five minutes before local authorities show up and the FBI Seattle field office is twenty miles away. Magnus doesn't want to call in any government favors so they can't get their hands on a dangerous red list abnormal.

Will puts in the name of the manager's dog "Taco" and gains access.

Kate is searching the hostages for anything unexpected. One girl shows interest in Will, which only grows even after Kate convinces her that he brutally murdered his last girlfriend. The next guy tries to bond with Kate in order to get better treatment but fails miserably when she calls him on it and threatens to "blow his head off".

Henry investigates the Feropitus and Magnus explains that it secretes a natural inhibitor to sedate its host but in humans the effects would be imperceptible, resulting in only a delayed reaction time in the eyes sensory organs. However they have no instrument to test this.

The security footage Will got is useless and since the Feropitus maintains a temperature close to that of the human body no one would have notices it crawling into them. As they speak one of the hostages, one of the bank workers, gets sick just as the police arrive. They may have found their host but now there is no way to get her out.

Act II Edit

The police call in and Magnus hands off any police interactions to Kate due to her experience. Kate lists off random demands to keep the cops busy.

The worker is running a fever which is too soon a symptom by estimates. Magnus suggests surgery in order to remove it but needs confirmation that she actually is the host.

While Kate takes pictures of building blueprints the flirtatious hostage tries to hit on Will. The police call in to say that the helicopter Kate requested is on its way, but she knows he couldn't have gone through the proper channels to make that happen in three minutes and threatens to make him regret lying to her again. She suggests to Will that they might have to escape through the toilets due to recent construction.

Magnus isn't convinced that the worker is the host based on her symptoms. Will and Kate look through the bank for anything useful and Will finds a reflective bill scanner.

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Gary Jones who plays George is also known as Sgt. Walter Harriman in former television series Stargate-SG1.

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