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Ashley Magnus is the daughter of Dr. Helen Magnus and John Druitt. She is an abnormal with the ability to teleport near-infinite distances across the world, a power she inherited from her father.

She was, however, unable to use this power until early 2009 when the Cabal injected her with an unknown substance(s) to bring out this latent ability. Six weeks after her dormant gene(s) were activated, the Cabal injected her with a 4-vial series of a modified Source Blood serum to give her vampiric traits as well as continuing to inject her with a consistent regimen of mind control drugs so that they could control her.[6]



Ashley was conceived in late 1888 just as her parents ended their relationship. Magnus chose to keep Ashley frozen in an embryonic state for almost a century. When the loneliness became too much for her to bear, and she believed Druitt was gone for good, Magnus brought her to term. Magnus never told Ashley about her father's identity and allowed her to believe he was dead.[7]

Ashley inherited her father's killer instinct, and so lacked modest behavioral skills. However, she more than made up for them in her field talents.[8] Ashley soon proved herself an expert (yet self-proclaimed) "monster hunter"; becoming proficient in the usage of advanced weaponry and technology.

On a personal level, Ashley remained quite close to her mother. Ashley's own natural distrust of Abnormals provides a proper counterbalance to Magnus's desire to protect them; as she normally doesn't hesitate to terminate ones that prove hostile, and use whatever methods necessary to capture targets.

Web Series

Episode 0x01 - "Webisode 1"

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Episode 0x02 - "Webisode 2"

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Episode 0x03 - "Webisode 3"

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Episode 0x04 - "Webisode 4"

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Episode 0x05 - "Webisode 5"

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Episode 0x06 - "Webisode 6"

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Episode 0x07 - "Webisode 7"

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Episode 0x08 - "Webisode 8"

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Season 1

Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I"

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Episode 1x02 - "Sanctuary for All, Part II"

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Episode 1x03 - "Fata Morgana"

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Episode 1x04 - "Folding Man"

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Episode 1x05 - "Kush"

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Episode 1x06 - "Nubbins"

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Episode 1x07 - "The Five"

At Will's enquiry, Bigfoot says that Ashley cancelled the morning meeting.

Ashley meanwhile had just previously left the Sanctuary following a phone call from Squid. When Ashley arrives, she finds that it was a trap set up by Druitt to lure her out of the protective building; away from the EM Shield. She is then darted unconscious with a tranquilizer gun by him and teleported away to a storage room at an unknown location. When she awakens, she finds herself handcuffed in sitting position to a metal chair. After failing to free herself, she relents and calls out to Druitt who returns moments later after having changed his clothes. She learns that Druitt kidnapped her in order to find out Magnus's current location.

Ashley talking to Druitt while handcuffed to a chair.

Ashley though initially reluctant, eventually teams up with him after much compelling discussion (aided by a brief physical confrontation with Druitt that leads to a short dramatic teleporting trip across the world) and teleports with him to Rome in order to help save her mother from Nikola Tesla; another member of The Five. It was during this time that Ashley's suspicions about Druitt's past connections with her mother finally made her realize the truth: Druitt was her father.

Episode 1x08 - "Edward"

Ashley accepted the revelation about her father, but was nevertheless hurt that her mother wasn't the one to tell her.

Episode 1x09 - "Requiem"

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Episode 1x10 - "Warriors"

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Episode 1x11 - "Instinct"

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Episode 1x12 - "Revelations, Part I"

Eventually, Ashley learned to continue on with her life and to continue working with her mother. She still remained a little upset though with her father (for kidnapping her twice) when he showed back up for a third time to help the Sanctuary team stop the Cabal's Lazarus Virus.

Episode 1x13 - "Revelations, Part II"

Having been captured along with Henry Foss by the Cabal, who were threatening global civilization with the Lazarus Virus, Ashley, who had tried to steal data on Lazarus to aid in creating a cure, was personally interrogated by Dana Whitcomb. Ashley is drugged and while under the Cabal's control is forced to steal the sole vial containing pure vampire Source Blood, which is the best chance to develop a cure to Lazarus, as well as supplying them with false data on it. Ashley then teleported away from the Old City Sanctuary and arrived at a Cabal facility on Easter Island. Whitcomb was there waiting for her, and Ashley readily handed over the vial. Whitcomb formally welcomed Ashley to the Cabal.

Season 2

Episode 2x01 - "End of Nights, Part I"

Ashley using her new teleportation ability.

Some time later, Ashley is fully controlled by the Cabal who have been pumping her full of mind-control drugs in order to force her to work for them. She was under the care of a brilliant but disturbed Cabal Scientist who saw Ashley as her daughter (who was about the same age as Ashley and had died; how and when has not been revealed). Using the Source Blood, the Cabal crafted her DNA with vampiric traits, effectively turning her into possibly one of the first purest blood Vampires in centuries.[6] This new Ashley, while powerful, was effectively a mindless drone who only obeyed the Cabal's commands. She even attacked her friends and family when they followed a lead to a warehouse in order to ultimately find her as well as during the subsequent Cabal attacks on the Sanctuary Network, though she seemed to hesitate when her mother puts herself in front of her unarmed, indicating that there was a possibility that she could be saved.

Ashley appeared to have both her parents' abilities in addition to gaining vampiric traits from the injected Source Blood serum. Alongside her having received long obsidian talons and her eyes changing from natural blue to a combination of both Cabal controlled orange and red vampiric eyes, she appears to have gained enhanced strength as she was easily able to overpower her father and Tesla in a fight though the two managed to recover quickly; as well as gained an enhanced healing ability as evidenced by quickly healing after Will shoots her twice, once in each upper arm. Despite apparent success, the Cabal have put Ashley into the field rather early before running proper tests due to overconfidence and the fact that the Sanctuary was getting too close to figuring out the truth behind their intended goal, so it is unknown if there were any side effects from what they have done to her.

Episode 2x02 - "End of Nights, Part II"

After acquiring a Cabal telephone number from Kate Freelander, Magnus learned that the Cabal would release Ashley but only in return for the surrender of the entire Sanctuary Network, something which Magnus refused. Magnus then ordered Henry and Tesla to work on a weapon that could disable the Source Blood powers in Ashley, something that even Tesla was unsure he could do, considering the short time scale and difficulty of the task and its factors.

Ashley attacks the Sanctuary.

Ashley led the first set of Super Abnormals in brutal attacks on the Sanctuary Network around the world, much to the horror of her mother and friends. In these attacks, Ashley and the other Super Abnormals are seen to possess the ability of telepathic communication. The weapon that Tesla and Henry built was put to the test during the defense of the UK Sanctuary, but did little more than knock Ashley and the others out temporarily for a few short moments, forcing the team to unleash a Fire Elemental on the attackers in order to stop them. This defensive tactic is only successful in defending London because the Cabal realizes that the Fire Elemental would have damaged Ashley and the others beyond their ability to heal. After the battle, Magnus realizes that her request of Tesla to create a benign weapon was impossible and gives him a sample of Ashley's unaltered blood, telling him to make the weapon lethal, saying they have no more options. (She also does this out of guilt because Ashley and the others killed Clara Griffin.) When Ashley and the other super-soldiers arrive at the home Sanctuary base, her mother uses the weapon on the other soldiers, but cannot bring herself to use it on her own daughter.

In the end however, Ashley corners her mother and seems ready to slice her throat. Still unable to use the weapon on her daughter and possibly catching a glimpse of hesitation in Ashley's eyes, her mother begins to pour her heart out to Ashley attempting to remind her of who she is. This combined with a blast from an RPG fired by Kate Freelander (who decided to stay to fight) has the effect of bringing Ashley back to her senses.

Ashley regains her self-control.

Unfortunately the joy of this and the Sanctuary's victory is short lived, as in order to stop the last super-soldier and defend her mother, Ashley teleports away, seemingly disintegrating herself and the other soldier, as the EM Shield (designed to kill by disrupting the molecular structure of anything attempting to teleport within the Sanctuary) has been put back online, seemingly ripping the two apart on the molecular level.

Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy"

Magnus's hallucination of Victorian era Druitt with Ashley.

Shortly after her apparent sacrifice, her mother, fraught with little sleep and food intake over the last 7 days, begins having hallucinations of Ashley being alive; for example, she sees Druitt as he was in Victorian times presenting a live and well Ashley to Magnus, claiming "It's a miracle." This coupled with her own denial leads Magnus on a search for Ashley, which the others (who have already mourned Ashley in their own ways and moved on to repair the Sanctuary and continue the fight with the Cabal) see as a fool's errand. Since the attack, Magnus requested that no one is to touch and or reset the EM Shield as she believes it can help her in finding out what happened to her daughter. Due to the EM Shield currently running at a very high level of use, it puts an energy usage strain on the rest of the Sanctuary's facilities, upsetting some of the staff members in the process.

Some of Magnus's ideas to find Ashley include theorizing that the anomalies in the EM Shield readings right before, leading up to, and during Ashley's considered fatal teleport indicate that Ashley may have gotten through the EM Shield, bounced backed off of it to land somewhere in the Sanctuary (possibly disoriented or hurt), and or got captured in the EM Shield's buffer itself as pure energy. Magnus goes about testing these theories by hammering several bio scanning unit stakes into the ground around the outside of the Sanctuary, running a scan for traces of Ashley's DNA within in the Old City Sanctuary (leading to her finding the remains of another super-soldier stuck in a concrete wall of an underground level; possibly the same one that Ashley teleported with), and by running an exponential wave analysis to search for her particular electromagnetic signature stored in the EM Shield's computer system.

Magnus's hallucination of Ashley at her memorial service.

In the end, she is reluctantly convinced by a distraught Will (who had tried to believe in her investigation up until a point) that Ashley is indeed dead and gone after all of her tests return back negative results / zero indicators for proof of life in or around the Old City Sanctuary. With no other tests to run, Magnus excuses herself to reset the EM Shield, despite all of her senses telling her that Ashley may still be alive somewhere out there. A memorial service with an empty open casket is then held for Ashley the next day in the Sanctuary's Nave, at which everyone places a sentimental token into the casket as a sign of farewell. Now on her own at the memorial, Magnus encounters another hallucination of Ashley. The apparition tells Magnus that she must let go of her to move on, that Magnus will never be without her, and that she knows that Magnus will always love her, "no matter what."

Meanwhile, Druitt avenges Ashley's death by hunting down and killing the heads of the Cabal, including the woman responsible for Ashley's conversion, Dana Whitcomb. While her death is not shown, we do see Druitt finding Whitcomb in a café somewhere in Europe (most likely Paris by the looks of it), and as he gets up to follow her it is understood that she will not survive their imminent encounter.

Episode 2x05 - "Pavor Nocturnus"

Not long after Ashley had died, Magnus travels to eastern Honduras looking for the tomb of a Mayan King from the late dynasty. Her goal was to to find an elixir that granted her a normal lifespan, a cure for her longevity, because she was tired of outliving everyone she loved (especially her daughter). After the Guardian shows her a possible apocalyptic wasteland 10 years in the future (year 2019) as the result of her using the elixir on herself, becoming Patient Zero, Magnus leaves it be and returns home.

MAGNUS: It wasn't long after Ashley had died. I...I was tired of outliving people I loved. I wanted to find a cure for my longevity.

Episode 2x07 - "Veritas"

Due to recent sensitive information leaks that are hard to explain, Magnus devises a plan to catch one of the Sanctuary's empaths red-handed. Magnus's goes about this risky plan by staging Bigfoot's 'murder' in which Magnus becomes the prime suspect. As stated in the Sanctuary Charter, this type of behavior from a Head of House warrants a tribunal conducted by the Triad. In order for Magnus's plan to remain secret, Magnus implants a Red List Abnormal into her brain that primarily causes memory loss and progressive unstable irrational behavior among a handful of side-effects. During this manic state, Magnus becomes convinced that she has been framed, saying that Ashley "told her" and that they (the people who have currently confined her) also killed her daughter. Eventually the team figures out Magnus's plan and restores her mind back normal.

MAGNUS: Isn't it obvious? Will, they're trying to kill me! Look. Look at this. It's poisoned. Smell it. Smell it! They're going to destroy everything. Ashley told me.
WILL: Magnus, this has nothing to do with Ashley.
MAGNUS: They killed her too! They killed my daughter!
WILL: Okay, listen to me. You're exhausted. You need to rest.

Episode 2x08 - "Next Tuesday"

A few months later in the year since the memorial service, in the early Summer of 2009 Magnus experiences a moment of uncertainty and slight fear of being alone during Ashley's upcoming 25th birthday that takes place next Tuesday, and does all that she can to keep Will near her for the next couple of days; much to his frustrated annoyance at being made to miss out on a conference in Iceland.

MAGNUS: Tuesday is Ashley's birthday. That's the real reason I wanted you to stay. I just...I didn't know how to ask you.
WILL: Oh, Magnus, I...I guess it didn't help that I was desperately trying to get away to Iceland.

Season 3

About a year after Ashley's death, in early 2010 Adam Worth shows back up in Magnus's life and starts to taunt her about her daughter's death, trying to convince and encourage her to change the past in order to save her daughter's life; because he wants to save his.

Episode 3x05 - "Hero II: Broken Arrow"

While the Sanctuary team tries to track down Kate who's been taken as host by Walter's Suit, when Magnus put the pieces together about how Virgil St. Pierre found out the whereabouts of the suit in the Sanctuary's possession, Virgil alludes to Ashley while calling out Magnus's knowingly common practice to do the same thing he did; sending her attractive daughter out hunting for information.

VIRGIL: Well, the easiest way to get information is to send a hot girl to ask for it, right, Magnus?

Episode 3x07 - "Breach"

As Worth hunts down Magnus in an abandoned warehouse, he mentions Ashley as a verbal way to try to flush Magnus out of hiding, hoping bringing up her "dead" daughter would make her either verbally or visually reveal her current location.

WORTH: I heard about Ashley. Tragic, isn't it? Losing a child.

Episode 3x08 - "For King and Country"

While Magnus divulges her past history with Worth to Will as a way to help him figure out and understand Worth's psychological break into two distinct personalities, Magnus references Ashley as her own relating factor.

MAGNUS: The loss of a daughter, it's a wound that never heals.
WILL: I think he's handling it differently than you.

Episode 3x10 - "The Hollow Men"

Magnus performs one last check in with Worth before leaving for Hollow Earth and as she makes her way to leave the room, Worth intentionally references Ashley as a way to make an emotional dig at Magnus.

WORTH: Death of a child... Hmm. Never quite the same after that, is it?

Episode 3x19 - "Out of the Blue"

Just before Magnus goes back through Worth's time portal, she first becomes a collateral damage victim resulting from Worth's destruction of Praxis during one of his attempts to power up his time machine. When Praxis fell, their security measures to contain Abnormals ceased to exist. This lack of 'protective fencing' lets a giant Psych Worm free. Initial reports from the New Mexican Desert leads Magnus to believe it was an off-season migration of abnormal Rock Lizards. When Magnus and Will go to check it out, the Psych Worm surfaces right underneath their feet, hitting them with a psychoactive venom that implants a crazy dream world into their heads. Henry Foss and Kate Freelander seek out help from Virgil St. Pierre to create a restorative mind-control gel to return their minds back to sanity.

While in that dream world during treatment, Helen is in a childless marriage to John Druitt, but throughout the dream Helen can feel that something is off about not having kids. When a pregnant Abby Corrigan visits and innocently asks if she has kids, Helen for a few briefs moments sees flashes of Ashley invade her mind, causing Helen to momentarily feel a little uneasy.

MAGNUS: So, how are you feeling? You look to be about what, 32, 33 weeks. Ultrasound showing good bone development?
ABBY: 33 weeks exactly. Do you have kids?
ASHLEY: [as memory flash] Mom?
ABBY: I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to pry. I just, uh... Well, you-you just seemed to know so much about, uh...

Later when Will visits Helen to thank her for helping with Abby, Will asks if she and Druitt had any kids, to which she responds "We never had any". Again, this causes Helen some confusion as more memory flashes of Ashley invade her mind.

MAGNUS: I got married because it was supposed to make me happy, safe.
WILL: But it didn't.
MAGNUS: It should have. John was everything I wanted, or so I thought.
WILL: And what about kids?
MAGNUS: We never had any. [memory flashes of Ashley]

This "reality lifeline" of seeing Ashley helps act as cemented proof for Helen to definitively know for certain that her life feels completely wrong. Eventually Magnus and Will are able to permanently reject this dream world and return back to reality completely sane.

Episode 3x20 - "Into the Black"

In early 2011, moments before Magnus follows Worth back in time to London 1898, Worth references Ashley as an attempt to recruit Magnus into joining his plan to change history; Magnus disagrees with his proposition.

MAGNUS: But you'll destroy everything. Billions of lives wiped out. Their blood on your hands.
WORTH: What's so special about their blood? I have a chance to get my daughter back. Are you telling me you wouldn't do the same thing?
MAGNUS: Not at the expense of everyone on the planet.

Season 4

Episode 4x08 - "Fugue"

Ashley is alluded by Will to Magnus. Will accidentally comes across the topic of Ashley 'dying' when he questions the purpose of the Sanctuary in a moment of desperation and stress surrounding Abby's fate of becoming a new creature.

WILL: How bad?
MAGNUS: Completely new pathways in half her cerebral cortex.
WILL: You said the singing would help keep her human.
MAGNUS: And it did... temporarily. We've tried every musical key, even subsonic frequencies. This isn't a virus, Will. This is a new life form overtaking her entire physiology.
WILL: You think there's no cure.
MAGNUS: I think... we should prepare for the worst.
WILL: No, no. I do not accept that, okay? There is a way to save her. We just haven't found it yet.
MAGNUS: The timeline is not good.
WILL: Well, then put her on ice until we can understand this.
MAGNUS: Cryogenics might just kill her outright, or make the creature even stronger. We have no idea.
WILL: Well, figure it out! What is the point of this entire place if we can't save the people that... [looks up at Magnus and sees her reaction, realizing he's 'stepped in it'] Oh, Magnus...
MAGNUS: [holding back tears] It's not over yet.

Episode 4x09 - "Chimera"

An unknown amount of months later, potentially half a year later in mid-late 2011 (chronologically about 2.5 years after Ashley's death), a Sentient Organic Nanite gets loose in the Old City Sanctuary's computer systems. Joined by Tesla, Magnus connects her brain to the computer using a jerry-rigged Praxian-like device set-up between the Old City Sanctuary's computer system and the Spiderbot in order to quarantine it. While inside the computer, they encounter a manifestation of a digital copy of Worth's consciousness. This manifestation, initially seemingly helpful and not sure of who he really is, turns suspicious the more he reads the "stories" that have been added to his 'library'. While reading a book containing some of Magnus's memories, Worth verbally notes out loud that Ashley makes Magnus sad, prompting Magnus to feel a little on edge.

WORTH: Ashley.
MAGNUS: I beg your pardon?
WORTH: Ashley... makes you sad.
MAGNUS: How do you know about Ashley?
WORTH: Oh, there are many stories in here. I haven't read them all, not yet. Now your stories are here too.

Worth creates a holographic illusion of Ashley.

After a little more time passes in computer cyber world, the manifestation of Worth becomes violently hostile, refusing to let Magnus and Tesla leave due to jealousy of not being real. At one point in time, all three of them are inside a digital rendering of the Sanctuary's Nave, where Magnus is chained sitting down to a church pew and Tesla is chained to a pillar while standing up. During this moment, Worth grabs her sharply by the jaw and asks "What's real for you, Helen?", prompting Magnus to relive a barrage of painful flashbacks about her daughter and how she was changed into a monster by the Cabal. This ends with Worth briefly presenting a hologram of Magnus's hallucination of Ashley standing in all white while at her funeral, declaring that she's just an illusion and can't be real because she killed her. This entire ordeal causes Magnus to begin to cry until she is distracted by the threat of the manifestation realizing who he truly is.

WORTH: What's real for you, Helen?
MAGNUS: [flashback] Ashley, please...
ASHLEY: [flashback] Mom...
MAGNUS: [sees hologram] Ashley.
WORTH: That's just an illusion, Helen. How can she be real? You killed her.
TESLA: You bastard.
WORTH: Why are you crying, hmm, if it's not real? I want to learn.
WORTH: Your stories... Oh my. They're full of such death, destruction.
MAGNUS: Adam... this doesn't accomplish anything. It's not real.

Episode 4x11 - "The Depths"

While stuck in a cave, Will (who's currently on the 'downside' of a dose of special mineral water) mentions Ashley as a way to bitterly back and nail home his claim that Magnus just uses and discards the loyal people around her, as according to him, she isn't personally attached to others due to her longevity.

WILL: Either way, the show must go on. You can't get close to anybody, because you're just going to lose them, right?
MAGNUS: Would you blame me if that were true?
WILL: Magnus, what good is your lifetime if you don't allow yourself to connect with anyone? You surround yourself with people who would do anything for you, and then you turn your back on them when they don't live up to your standards.
MAGNUS: That's ridiculous--
WILL: John Druitt.
MAGNUS: You can't even begin to judge that--
WILL: Griffin, Watson, and now me. Are we all just expendable in your mind? Is that how you cope? Ashley.
MAGNUS: You bastard.

In a deleted extended scene titled "Thank You", while Will reveals his thoughts to Magnus about wanting to have a balanced work and family life with Abby, Magnus makes an allusion to Ashley as a way to warn him that it may not be possible while working at the Sanctuary. Will catches on and wants to discuss her life choices.

WILL: In case I don't get a chance to say it later--
MAGNUS: -Will.
WILL: Thank you, for changing my life for the better.
MAGNUS: You're high as a kite right now.
WILL: No. I have clarity. I mean everybody has days where they hate their job where the sacrifices seem like they're too much.
MAGNUS: Some more than others.
WILL: Uh, you remember that Psych Worm that trapped us in that fake reality?
MAGNUS: It was a very long time ago for me.
WILL: Not for me. I remember every single little detail. A normal life with Abby... baby on the way. And here's the thing, I want that, someday.
MAGNUS: The door is always open.
WILL: No, no, I want both. The work we do and something to keep me grounded.
MAGNUS: Be careful what you wish for.
WILL: Did you try to find balance? You and Ashley?
MAGNUS: See how that turned out.
WILL: You'd do it again wouldn't you?
MAGNUS: I have the life I want, Will. If I didn't, I wouldn't have come back. Believe me, I had plenty of time to figure that out.
WILL: What do you want now? More of the same for your very long life?
MAGNUS: No, I assure you.

Episode 4x13 - "Sanctuary for None, Part II"

A short while later, when back in the real world in early 2012, in Magnus's preparation for her ultimate plan to destroy the Old City Sanctuary, important sentimental items such as picture frames of Ashley are seen to conveniently 'go missing' from Magnus's study up to several days prior to the Sanctuary's destruction.[9] This is noticeably significant as photos of Ashley have been ever present on and around Magnus's desk ever since her daughter's abduction and apparent sacrifice.

Personality and Appearance

Arrestingly beautiful, tough as nails, physically adept and a skilled fighter, she is perfectly suited for her calling as monster-hunter supreme. Ashley has moments of vulnerability but it's a side she deftly covers with a veneer of bravado and fearlessness.[10]

Growing up in the world of the Sanctuary with her mother, she has come to accept the impossible as a matter of course. And while there are the usual generational sparks between mother and daughter, Ashley is acutely respectful of her mother’s work and knowledge.[11]

Ashley is fully aware that the life she leads isn't normal and understands the fact that her mother "can be pretty dark and weird" yet good at what she does dealing with strange events and beings. She tries to buffer her mother's 'oddness' around brand new team members[7] and doesn't like when complete random strangers instantly pass judgement on her mom after only being around her for a few minutes.[12]

Because of her lifestyle, Ashley doesn't date, much, but considered going out with Zach Spencer (giving him a rain check for dinner with the intent to call him later) until he was killed.[12] Her lack of dating can be attributed to the fact that she thinks that she can be a little stand-offish, knowing that she can be snippy; having been previously accused by guys as being unappreciative and unapproachable.[13]

While under the affects of Nubbin pheromones, Ashley accidentally starts to blab to Will about qualities she likes in the "right Nubbin" (man) until she catches herself mid-list: Smart, handsome, good sense of humor, go-getter, dedicated to the same things you are, and loves long walks on the beach.[13]

Her favorite album is: "Nevermind" by Nirvana.[14]

A bit of sarcasm, unless she rides in vans with 'Lord Poseidon' airbrushed on the side, she thinks vans are for losers as she likes to ride her bike.[7] She is seen riding it practically everywhere, day or night, in several different types of weather conditions.[15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [12]

Personal Objects

Two specific objects belonging to Ashley besides her motorcycle (a black 2005-2006 Honda CBR600RR) are a silver pendant necklace with an "S" on the front and a heavily modified and customized Jericho 941 R that is gold plated with a weighted compensator[21] that shoots 12 rounds[7] of .40 S&W bullets. She is frequently seen wearing the necklace with her outfits and using the gun that was a present from her mother.[7] During her capture, while the necklace and the rest of her personal clothing may be lost forever to a Cabal site, her golden gun is not. Potentially due to realizing the risk of capture and losing her favorite weapon, Ashley is seen to not have taken the gun with her when she and Henry trespass into a local Cabal facility just outside of New City [22]; which means she either left the gun in the Old City Sanctuary's armory, or more likely, had left it in her bedroom. Being that Magnus cleaned out her bedroom after her 'death', converting it into a gym workout area[23], the gun is highly likely to be in Magnus's personal possession considering how much the weapon had meant to her daughter.

(Theory: When Magnus blew up the Old City Sanctuary, it presumably would have been one of the small objects that she would have taken with her alongside the picture frames of Ashley that she had noticeably removed from on and around her desk in her study in the days leading up to the explosion.[24] [9] Alternatively, considering that Ashley is said to be alive at the Underground Sanctuary[3], Magnus may have given the weapon back to her off-screen long before then at some point during the year's length of Season 4.)


Dr. Helen Magnus
Ashley and her mother are quite close to each other, being called an "intrepid duo" by Druitt.[7] They had distanced somewhat over the betrayal Ashley felt towards Magnus resulting from her mother not being the one to tell her the truth about Druitt being her father.[20] [25] [26] They eventually reconciled not too long later. Ashley highly respects her mother and her mother reciprocates that same level respect back to her. Magnus generally relies quite heavily on her daughter to be a scout for the Sanctuary by gathering information and hunting down Abnormals, to which Ashley fills the role perfectly and never seems to come back empty-handed; field skills that Magnus is quite praise-worthy of.[7] Magnus also relies on Ashley to be the 'enforcer' and 'protector' of the group, as Ashley is often seen to be the one holding off enemies and attacking abnormals to give Magnus and the others enough time to accomplish what they need to do. As a testament to Magnus's strong belief in her daughter's abilities, when the Keepers of the Dead invade the Old City Sanctuary, Bigfoot comments: "We need weapons." Magnus counters with: "We need Ashley".[19] Not only is the young woman a good fighter, but she is also an impressive shot; Magnus calling her a "heartbreaker" right after witnessing her neat target cluster of bullet holes during a practice session at the Sanctuary's Indoor Shooting Range.[25]
Henry Foss
Ashley and Henry share a close sibling-like relationship due to growing up in the Sanctuary together as young children; her mother brought him home from the Moors to live with her at the Old City Sanctuary a few years before Ashley was born. Because of this bond, it also makes Ashley the non-biological aunt of Henry's future daughter Alice.
While Bigfoot was a present male figure in Ashley's life while growing up, she unlike Henry, does not openly see him as being a father-figure to her. Despite that, they still do share a familial closeness as Bigfoot is a part of her Sanctuary family. Ashley is seen to have caring affections for him, as seen in the Web Series when Bigfoot is critically injured by Druitt, and again in the series re-shoot when she informs Will of his flower allergy.[7] Not only does Ashley work along side Bigfoot while inside the Old City Sanctuary, but she is also known to have him accompany her outside the Sanctuary when running errands during the night.[27]
Dr. Will Zimmerman
When Will first arrived at the Sanctuary, Ashley was skeptical of her mother's new protégé based on how 'green' he initially was. Soon though, Ashley got used to her new coworker and then considered him her friend after he saved her life from a Giant Lizard Creature.[7] Outside of the effects of Nubbin pheromones[13], neither Ashley or Will show any attraction for one another.
John Druitt
Ashley's first impression of Druitt was calling him a "ghoul".[7] Initially highly distrustful of Druitt based on his previous pattern of behavior of hurting her and kidnapping her twice[25], Ashley eventually seemed to tolerate his presence slightly better. When Druitt showed up at the Old City Sanctuary to help out with the Lazarus Virus, Ashley's immediate reaction was a bit snippy, asking her mother "Why is he here?!" right in front of him. At Druitt's line of "Please, I am your father", Ashley shoots back "Then you better start acting like one, and that does not mean kidnapping me when you want to spend some quality time" showing that she is open to the idea of having some form of a father / daughter relationship with him eventually.[22]
Dr. James Watson
Their relationship is cordial and relaxed.[22] While not officially stated, it is widely accepted by fans that Watson is considered to fill the role of being an Uncle / Godfather to Ashley based on how close Watson's relationship is with her mother, Helen Magnus.


  • Ashley Magnus appears in all eight Webisodes as well as in the first sixteen episodes of Sanctuary.
  • While under the influence of the Cabal's mind-control drugs, Ashley's eyes are seen to have been changed from her natural blue to the color orange. Her eyes are then seen to switch between orange and the standard red iris of a vampire with large black pupils, only briefly flashing to blue three times when her consciousness is able to break through the mind-control, twice to severe injury; all three times within the presence of at least one of her parents.

Young Ashley

Amanda (Helen) with Olivia (Ashley).jpg

During the opening title sequence viewers see a photo of Magnus holding a very young Ashley attached to Ashley's personnel file. In reality, the photo is actually of Amanda Tapping with her daughter Olivia (who also did inherit her mother's bright blonde hair, just like Ashley had from Helen [28]). For the show, there was initially an idea to try to cast a random young girl to play Magnus's daughter for these images, but was ultimately deemed unnecessary extra work and not done, as Amanda herself had a young daughter who looked like a young Emilie. Olivia was also potentially considered to portray a young Ashley on the screen (had the show's story featured those flashbacks), but the finalization of that casting was uncertain.[29]

S02 e0206 04 129046218711.jpg

Later in the series after Ashley's supposed death, such as seen in Episode 2x06 - "Fragments", on Helen's desk are several photos of Ashley; all real photos provided by Emilie herself, including the photo of her as a really small child with her hair tied up in pigtails.


While Ashley's DOB is unknown, viewers are given hints as to when it could be:

  • In Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I" Ashley mentions the 'Summer she turned 18', placing it in the summer months. Summer months (northern hemisphere) in general consist of June, July, and August.
    • Note: This coincides with the possibility that Magnus may have reimplanted her as embryo on the same day in November in which she was removed back in 1888. While gestational age at removal is unknown, Magnus would have been at least 1 month along to have missed her menstrual period, indicating pregnancy. The classification of 'embryo' marks at least 6 weeks at time of removal. A good estimate is that Magnus was around 1.5 months along (sometime within her 6th and or 7th week at the time of the surgery [30], leaving ~7.5 months remaining of her pregnancy. If reimplantation occurred in mid / late November [31], Ashley's birthday would fall near the end of the month of June and potentially into the beginning of July.
  • In Episode 1x01 - "Sanctuary for All, Part I" just after Ashley leaves the infirmary, Will asks Magnus about the 12 year physical age difference he notices between mother and daughter. Being that Magnus is eternally 35-years-old, that makes Ashley 23-years-old.
  • In Episode 1x09 - "Requiem" Will states that she is 23-years-old. The in-universe month and day of the episode is unknown, just that the year is 2008. However, this does confirm that like Magnus, Ashley has been the same age throughout the entire season so far, placing the episode before her birthday.
    • Because the episode occurred before her summer birthday, it means that she will be turning 24-years-old after the episode in 2008; marking birth year as 1984. Note: This means that Ashley was 24-years-old when she 'died' in early 2009.
      • With birth year established as 1984, it means that that writer's semi-borrowed actress Emilie Ullerup's age: 23-years-old and born in 1984. With Ashley born in the summer around late June and Emilie being born in late October, it makes her character 4 months older than her in real life.
      • Birth year of mid 1984 establishes reimplantation year as late 1983.
  • In Episode 2x08 - "Next Tuesday" Ashley's 25th birthday takes place "next Tuesday". Magnus references her own age as being 158-years-old, meaning that it's before August 27th, 2009; reinforcing that Ashley's birthday occurs in the summer.
    • Tuesdays in June 2009 occurred on the: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th.
    • Tuesdays in July 2009 occurred on the: 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.
(Speculation: A good potential date range is June 16th to July 14th. Narrowing down to June 23rd to July 7th, leaves a more specific date of June 30th as the median average being most likely based on conception calculators using the parameters of conception being at least 6 weeks prior to the removal that took place at some point after Molly's murder; a murder that took place sometime within the remaining 3 weeks of the month of November 1888 ranging from Nov 9th to Nov 30th. Example: If Molly was murdered on i.e. Nov 16th [32] a week after Mary Kelly on Nov 9th, 6 weeks prior to Nov 16th places conception on October 5th, 1888. Due date calculators using that conception date estimate June 28th, 1889 as a possible delivery date.)

Note: If this were true, it means that Ashley would have been born calendar-wise 3 days 'over-due' as 1984 was a leap year.[33] Interestingly, 1888 - the year of her conception - was also a leap year.[34] Alternatively, Ashley could have been born 4 days 'early' on June 23rd, 1984 as June 23rd, 1984 / 2009 fell on the 4th Saturday / Tuesday of the month. Emilie's real birthdays of October 27th, 1984 / 2009 also fell on the 4th Saturday / Tuesday of the month.

Written Off

  • The network had decided to kill off Emilie Ullerup's character when they began filming Season 2. In an interview she explains that she had no idea she was being killed off, and was sad to hear the news; the few episodes of the second season she filmed were incredibly hard as she had to remain serious. She states that she was in tears during rehearsals for the ending scene of her last Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy" and the directors told her she had to get it together because Ashley was supposed to have found peace. She believed there was hope that she would return and would love to come back in Season 3. Even though it wasn't the intention of the show's creators, her character was indirectly and effectively replaced from then on by the introduction of the character Kate Freelander at the start of Season 2.
  • Meanwhile, Ullerup made a guest appearance in the "Smallville" episode 'Crossfire'.


  • A fan effort was underway at one point to bring Ashley back as a regular character.[35] It was rumored that the writers pitched something to bring Ashley back in Season 3, however, no step in that direction was ever taken.
    • This was one of two failed attempts. Amanda Tapping said it fell through due to the story not being true to the character and to the actress; essentially that bringing her back at that point was analogous to putting a square peg in a round hole in order to just please fans.
  • In the commentary track for Episode 3x19 - "Out of the Blue", it is mentioned that this particular episode was originally written to have Ashley return to the show by being featured in Magnus's induced dream state. Unfortunately, even though Emilie wanted to return for this episode, her filming schedule at the time would not allow for the quick cameo. Due to this, the episode was re-written to include Druitt instead, and reduced her part to being two extremely small memory flashbacks.
  • In an interview conducted at Denver Starfest 2014, Amanda Tapping revealed that one of the plans slated for Season 5 besides working from the new Underground Sanctuary, was that Magnus had found a way to save her daughter Ashley during her 113-year trip back through time without changing the course of the natural timeline. Amanda had conferred with Emilie about this, but unfortunately Sanctuary was cancelled before Season 5 could be made to show Ashley alive on-screen.[36]


Fans however saw evidence to the Season 5 plan (as well as the overall intent to bring the character back) by the writer's starting to mention, reference, and allude Ashley more frequently than before after her last seen Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy". Direct mentions and obvious references and allusions are listed above in the character's main biography. In this section below are less obvious references and allusions that still provide support behind the eventual return of the character.

● Episode 4x01 - "Tempus" - Worth semi-alludes to her. Magnus seemingly refuses to join the plan to save one's own daughter and take the world for herself.

MAGNUS: I will kill you, Adam.
WORTH: What for? To save the future? What makes what we left behind so precious?

WORTH: None of that has happened yet, and guess what? Maybe it never does. Move on, I say. Change the future. Make it whatever you want it to be.

WORTH: Drop the gun! I said, drop the gun! You just had to get all high and mighty with your amazing future, didn't you? Couldn't get with the program. No.

● Episode 4x10 - "Acolyte" - There are other lines in this episode in combination with the lines mentioned above that hint at Magnus changing something without it being noticed or affecting the timeline.

MAGNUS: Believe me, Will, if I could control life like a bloody chess game, a lot of things would have turned out very differently.

WILL: No... Oh, no. No, no, there's no way.
MAGNUS: Here, that's not you talking. The Will Zimmerman I know wants to be with Abby, and have everything he ever wanted to prove me wrong about living a balanced life. Come on, get up.[37]

MAGNUS: I had 113 years of not knowing if I would ever see any of you again. What if something I'd done in the past had changed everything?
WILL: But it didn't.
MAGNUS: Watching everything unfold again, for better or worse. Watching every mistake I made play out again. I had to let terrible things happen, Will, and do nothing to change them. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
WILL: Wow. Don't I feel like the jerk.
MAGNUS: You didn't know because I didn't tell you.
WILL: Because you carry the whole weight yourself.
MAGNUS: I always have.

Overall, from what is seen at the end of Season 3 and in Season 4 is that Magnus was absolutely firm on her stance that she would not sacrifice the natural order of history by altering the timeline in any way to save her daughter. However, with what is known about Season 5, and what viewers see in the dialogue is that Magnus never once says that she won't save Ashley, only that she won't change anything in order to do so. This supports the plausible theory of Future-Helen saving her by interfering with the EM Shield; answering the question of what caused the mysterious destabilization at 18:29 hours that night as seen in Episode 2x03 - "Eulogy".



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