Das Lied der Erlösung ist die 8. Episode der vierten Staffel und die 54. Episode der ganzen Serie.

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Nachdem Abby mit dem Virus eines unbekannten Abnormen infiziert wurde, verwandelt sie sich unkontrolliert in verschiedene Monster. Dr. Helen Magnus kann die Transformationen nicht stoppen und schickt ihr Team los, um nach einem Heilmittel zu suchen. In der Hoffnung, mit Abby sprechen zu können, reduziert Dr. Magnus ihre Medikamentenzufuhr. Abby erwacht und beginnt plötzlich zu singen! Durch eine Veränderung ihrer DNS kann sie nicht mehr normal kommunizieren und so müssen auch Helen und Will Robin singen, damit Abby sie versteht.


Why can´t I understand you?

Abby: Where am I?

Will: Abby?

Abby: Will, what´s wrong with me?

Declan: Thank God, we thought we lost you.

Abby: What? Why can´t I understand you?

Will: Are you..?

Abby: Don´t be like that. Just speak to me.

Will: I am speaking to you.

Declan: Is she?

Abby: What´s the matter with both of you?

Will: Abby stay calm.

Abby: I can´t understand you.

Will: What the hell…?

Abby: Please just speak to me.

Declan: She´s singing.

Will: Why is she singing? Abby?

Abby: Oh, my God. Something´s very wrong with me!


Have I become a monster?

Magnus: Abby, can you hear me? Do you know where you are?

Abby: You look so worried.

Magnus: You´ve been here for two days. We´ve never left your side.

Abby: There´s something you´re not telling me.

Will: This is insane.

Abby: What did you just say?

Magnus: Do, do you recall anything before you woke up?

Abby: Don´t avoid the question. Am I going to die? Magnus?

Magnus: Your body´s been taken… something new and deadly…something we´ve never seen.

Abby: Have I become a monster?

Magnus: We never use that word. You remember nothing, some kind of creature?

Abby: Ann alleyway…

Will: The Fifth Ward.

Magnus: Something attacked you…

Abby: I don´t remember. I just woke up here. I need to know, to know the truth now. No matter how bad it is.

Magnus: Your condition is grave. Don´t know how to save you. But we won´t give up.

Abby: I feel so tired.

Magnus: Abby? Abby?


I´m the thing you fear the most

Abby: Will…

Will: Hey… how are you feeling?

Abby: Will… your name is Will.

Will: Abby…

Abby: No, not Abby! There´s only me, and I´m in control now! What is this place, this feeling I have?

Will: I wanna talk to Abby.

Abby: Have you felt this feeling before, been alive like never before?

Will: What have you done to her?

Abby: Light´nin in my veins, every minute I breathe…

Will: Who are you?

Abby: I´m the thing you fear the most. I´m here to give you a dose of reality.

Will: Don´t wanna talk to you, I´m only talking to Abby.

Abby: I´m the sickness without a cure. I´m the loved one who disappears. I´m the ting in the dark, the dream that feels real, the light that goes out, the terror you feel. I wanna feel so much more than this. Come on, Handsome, give us a kiss. Let´s start again, a new evolution. A small warning: It´s gonne get bloddy.

Will: Just stay…

Abby: You´re gonna wish I was never born.

Will: Just stay…

Abby: You´re gonna wish, you were never born.

Will: Just stay…

Abby: I´m gonna like being born.

Will: Just stay…

Abby: I´m gonna like being born.


The parting glass

Henry: Oh, if I had money enough to spend, and leisure time to sit a while. There is a fair maid in this town, who sorley has my heart beguiled. Her rosy cheeks, and ruby lips, alone she has my heart enthralled. So fill to me the parting glass, good night, and joy be with you all.


The conference call

Magnus: Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the delay. How are you all holding up?

Frank: Hello, Helen. Some problems I´m afraid.

Declan: Complications have arisen.

Yusuf: Need some answers right away.

Jasmine: A few concerns about our direction.

Magnus: Okay, one at a t…

Declan: The sand say´s giving birth. In a zone that´s not been cleared.

Frank: Funds have been diverted to a traceable account.

Yusuf: People are not safe in the city any longer.

Jasmine: the government´s asking for our tax return.

Magnus: Fine, let me…

Frank: Suggest you switch to gold, it´s easier to unload.

Declan: Is there something we can give her, to ease her labor pains?

Yusuf: I don´t like the use of force, but we need some more protection.

Jasmine: A dummy corporation won´t make this go away. We need a new accountant.

Yusuf: Shipments of new guns.

Declan: I think she´s having triplets.

Frank: Need to transfer funds.

Jasmine: Risk of intervention.

Yusuf: Risk of losing lives.

Frank: Risk of going bankrupt.

Declan: Risk of getting hives.

Frank: I love money!

Magnus: Stop! The sand ray needs some sugar, and keep her in the shade. Gold´s bold suggestion, but too risky, I´m afraid. Who cares about an audit? We´ve been through that before. Your guns arrive tomorrow; let me know, if you need more.

Declan: But…

Frank: uhm…

Yusuf: Thank you.

Magnus: Risk of doing business? Since when is that hot news? Have we ever shied away from things that others wouldn´t do? If you think we´ve lost our way, feel free to step aside. There´s other pressing business; I´m afraid we´re out of time.

Declan: Magnus? You´re okay?


Please just let me go

Will: Abby, listen to me. Abby, come down from there. This is you and me. I know you´re frightened.

Abby: No. It´s better this way. I don´t know who I am.

Will: I´ll help you through this. You know I´ve been there before. Listen to me. You feel lost, out of control, like a ship in a storm.

Abby: Feels like I´m drowning. I´m going to die.

Will: We´ll find a way.

Abby: It´s getting worse. It´s taking control now.

Will: Don´t you give up hope, or fade away

Abby: I´m fading away. Would you do any different? Please just let me go.

Will: I´ve been holding back. You´ve been holding back. I don´t wanna lie to you any more.

Abby: Please just let me go…

Will: do you think I´m the one? ´Cause I think you´re the one. There I said it. I can´t take it back.

Abby: Please just let me go…

Will: This is not how it ends, here amongst friends. A future we´ll never see, Abby please just stay.

Abby: You were holding back. I was holding back. I know it´s hard, but it´s time to let me go.

Will: Just stay…

Abby: It´s taking control…

Will: Just stay…

Abby: I´m losing control. I love you, Will.



Of Whom shall I be afraid?

Gregory: I will go wherever you lead me on rivers of roses or rain. I will follow the signs that you leave me, the mysteries of joy and of pain. I will search of light in the darkness, though I stumble through shadow and shade. Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid? You have lifted me up when I´ve fallen and driven the ghosts from my door. You have comforted me in my sorrow, wiped my brow when I´ve been sick and sore. You have shared in all of my triumphs and blessed the crops that we laid. Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid? Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid?


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